Doing so has made more and more politicians dependent on the merchants of big money, and they don’t get money unless they do the legislative bidding of the highest bidders. That is something corrupt Wall Street Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito, John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Anthony Kennedy and Antonin Scalia, themselves always voting for big money against the US Constitution and the 99 percent. How far has corruption spread? Just look at the supreme court.

One of the great lies created and perpetuated by the 1 percent, corporate CEOs, and organizations such as the US Chamber of Commerce, and carefully cultivated by the US media, is that wages, benefits and salaries are too high in the United States.

Apparently, the Germans have decided this isn’t true, and this is especially true in this age of globalization.

The truth is that in the USA the need for publicly traded, limited liability corporations to maintain high stock prices via always rising corporate profits have given the incompetent CEO’s of corporations reasons to ship jobs overseas, and in the process, redistribute income from the 99 to the 1 percent.

The US government helps this process along by negotiating free trade treaties, which always paves the way for corporations to ship jobs overseas.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is the largest free trade agreement in the history of the world, and the most secretly negotiated, making it the latest and biggest assault against the American middle class by the 1 percent. This treaty is supported by such Wall Street supporters as President Barack Obama, Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden, and Wall Street Congressman Earl Blumenauer, all supposed liberals, champions of the people, their reputations in these matters based on lies perpetuated by the media.

In Germany, the people rule; in the United States, Wall Street rules. That’s why German automobile manufactuers produce twice as many cars in Germany than US manufacturers produce in the United States, and this equation also explains why German auto manufacturers pay their employees twice as much as US automakers pay their US employees. BTW, note that globalization hasn’t eroded German lifestyles, like it has in the US. In other words, globalization hasn’t hit Germany like it has the US. This shows that globalization is something that doesn’t need to occur.

Germany is for the Germans; while in the US, the government and its politicians are all (mostly) paid for by the 1 percent. In the USA, the economic and political games are completely rigged against the 99 percent. In the US, the rigged game is all about political corruption; Wall Street Senator Ron “Big Money” Wyden, and Wall Street Congressman Earl Blumenauer are prime examples of this corruption. Both were elected in safe Democratic districts in Oregon. Blumenauer almost always votes with Wall Street on economic issues against the interests of the people of his district, while Wyden has a 100 percent record of voting for Wall Street in the same way.

On March 29, over 300 New Zealand citizens marched in the city of Wellington to protest against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a treaty negotiated in secret (except for 600 mostly corporate lobbyists) to redistribute massive amounts of income and political power from the 99 percent of the world to the 0.1 percent of the world. In fact, this treaty is the biggest income redistribution treaty of all time.

Below is the face of total depravity, Wall Street Senator Ronnie Wyden. The senator is supposed to represent the people of Oregon, but he has a 100 percent voting record to redistribute income from the 99 to the 1 percent as a congressman and as a senator. This is stunning because Wyden and the corporate press have falsely cultivated his reputation as a good liberal fighting for the common person, which plays well among the liberal voters of Oregon. Because of his well cultivated but false reputation, Wyden so far doesn’t have any serious challenge from the left or the right, which means he has a safe seat and could easily legislate on behalf of the people of Oregon rather than the corporate and Wall Street 1 percent. That’s what makes him a study in total depravity. How much is corruption involved with a senator who doesn’t need campaign contributions?

Wall Street Senator Ron “Money” Wyden

According to Jennifer Reid of Doctors Without Borders, the TPP will reduce by a wide amount the access to medicine for most of the people in the trade region. In addition, the US trade deficit will increase with the treaty as more and more jobs are shipped overseas. The goods and services formerly made in the USA will then be made in China and elsewhere, and then the goods and services will be exported to the USA. The reason Wyden supports this is because the difference between the old wages and benefits workers once received in the USA and the new lower rates will go toward enhancing corporate profits, dividends and share prices; and this means income will be redistributed to from the 99 to the 1 percent via this route; shipping jobs overseas.

According to one study, if the treaty becomes law, over 200,000 jobs in the remains of the US textile industry will be shipped to China. Those jobs currently support 230,000 jobs in El Salvador, and those jobs will be shipped to Vietnam. This suggests that hundreds of thousands of El Salvadoreans, as well as other Latin nations, will be forced to migrate, most likely into the US. Once they arrive here, they will push wages and salaries down, which is something the senator and Wall Street desires, because this will enhance corporate profits, dividends and share prices. The senator knows all of this and more, and that’s why he is a study in total depravity. BTW, the senator does show some aspects of being a sociopath.

Finally, the TPP is being negotiated to increase prices and profits, reduce wages and benefits in the Western Hemisphere, as well as redistribute income and wealth from the 99 to the 1 percent, and this is why Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden supports the treaty.


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