Wall Street Plutocrat Larry Summers was President Obama’s first choice to lead the Fed, but he made some missteps and out he went. That left Yellen. Thanks to the Almighty! Yellen’s predecessor was a scheming architect of redistributing income from the 99 to the 1 percent.

Income inequality is a complete function of government legislation. He who has the gold makes the rules. Corrupt government; that is why the economic, financial and political game is completely rigged against the 99 percent.

The President-elect of El Salvador has publicly committed to prohibit new mining during his administration, just as his predecessors have done since 2008. OceanaGold should respect the democratic process in El Salvador, abandon its acquisition of Vancouver-based Pacific Rim Mining, and drop its lawsuit against the government of El Salvador for not having permitted a mine, according to international civil society organizations. A new study debunks eight falsehoods the company has used to try to justify mining in El Salvador and undermine public debate and policymaking.

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Oceana Mining–Out to Destroy the Rivers of El Salvador

The Social Security Trust Fund has more than $1.5 trillion in surplus. This money is invested in in US treasury bills. Those bills pay the trust fund around $120 billion in interest annually. Since 2010, as the baby boomers retire, the trust fund has paid out more money in benefits than it takes in via tax dollars. So the corporate propaganda machine, such as the Oregon newspaper, on behalf of the 1 percent, has thrown out fear in the form of disguised news and proclaimed the trust fund is going broke because there is another yearly deficit. Naturally, the editors don’t want you to know about that $120 billion a year coming into the trust fund, because if they did count that money, they’d strangely discover the trust fund took in more dollars than it paid out. Ergo, there has been a yearly surplus, not a deficit as the propaganda machine has repeatedly and falsely proclaimed.

It is true that some so-called experts expect that $1.5 trillion to evaporate into nothingness about the year 2040 because the baby boomers will be retired. But that’s what the task force appointed by President Ronald Reagan set out to do thirty years ago. As of 2040, the trust fund will still be taking in sufficient tax dollars to pay out 86 percent of forecast benefits. One way to close the gap and pay 100 percent of benefits is simply to do what Senator Sanders suggests above.

And why not do that? The rich have reaped all the benefits of federal economic legislation during the past 34 years. The Koch Brothers and others declared war against the middle class, and against the United States, decades ago, and via legislation and the corruption of government, they’ve redistributed massive amounts of income and wealth from the 99 to the 1 percent since 1981.

It’s time for a little pay back. And thank you President Reagan.

“Bolivia has reduced poverty and inequality more than any country in the Western Hemisphere over the last ten years by increasing the minimum wage 87%, doubling investment in schools and healthcare, and lowering the pension retirement age from 65 to 60. The government paid for these programs by increasing taxes on oil profits from 18% to 82%, which also allowed the country to eliminate its debt and amass the world’s largest surplus. Bolivia is now estimated to have the region’s fastest growing economy this year and next, according to the IMF.”

Everything the government of Bolivia has done has ignited the demand for goods and services. Whereas, in the United States, the government continuously redistributes income from the 99 to the 1 percent via legislation. Corrupt corporate Democrats, about 90 percent of representatives, such as Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden, along with the entire corrupt Republican delegation to congress, are responsible for destroying the American economy by doing the reverse of what Bolivia has done.


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