Ballet measure 92 in Oregon is turning the state into a battle ground.

The editors of the largest and most rapidly declining newspaper in Oregon, The Oregonian, have made it clear that it’s in the public interest not to allow people to know if they’re consuming GMO poisons. Monsanto and Sygenta and other manufacturers of profitable GMO poisons are also for continuing to poison the 99 percent with GMO, and keeping them uninformed about this crime to boot.

The No on 92 campaign reported contributions last week from Pepsico of $250,000. Virtually, all of Pepsico’s products have the poison in them. The same is true of Hersey products, such as their candy bars. Hersey donated $160,000 to stop people from knowing it puts poison in their food products.

J.M. Smucker has donated $147,000, so don’t go eating that rat poison they call food. The McCormick Company has donated $65,000, Ocean Spray has contributed $35,000, and Bumble Bee has added $22,000. These companies want to keep you ignorant and poisoned. Perhaps it’s because there is a potentially trillions of dollars in class actions lawsuits soon to be on the horizon. Don’t let these CEOs get away from the damage they have caused to your health and the health of others.

Meanwhile, many companies want to expose the GMOs in foods, such as Whole Foods, Health Resources (which has donated $550,000 to the Yes on 92 campaign), and Presence Marketing ($200,000).

I received the following information from a friend. It’s legit. There is a link below in which you can receive more information.

The letter is from the informant.

“Hi -

I’m an FDIC whistleblower, and I need your support.

My Story:
I work at a major national bank with senior executives in New York City.

I had been asked to book a loan, a multiple million dollar loan, when it was inappropriate to do so. These types of actions are the types of things that gave us the most recent financial crisis. Booking loans to make money. Booking loans to make people look good. Not listening to what others have to say.

I’m hiding my face right now because when I make my disclosure to the bank officials and to the FDIC they will want to surly crush me.

Please help me. I need to hire an attorney to defend me against the bank. Your support help will help, in just little way, reduce the likelihood of the next financial crisis. I ask for your support so I may disclose to the bank at the highest level and to the FDIC the types of malfeasance that I have observed.

Thank you.

Adam Smith”

Click here to view the video and support the FDIC Whistleblower

From Huffington Post,

“Strike Debt, a group of anti-debt activists born out of the Occupy Wall Street movement, said it purchased $3.9 million in delinquent private student debt and immediately canceled it.

The debt, which came in the form of unpaid tuition receivables from Everest College, a for-profit school operated by the Corinthian Colleges chain, was purchased in May for about $107,000, the group said. The purchase was funded entirely by donations.

The Rolling Jubilee Fund, a nonprofit formed by Strike Debt with the sole purpose of buying and abolishing debt, canceled an average of nearly $1,400 in debt held by more than 2,700 students. About 99 percent of the unpaid bills were from last year and 2012.”

Student loans are one of the biggest scams that redistribute income from the 99 to the 1 percent, and this scam was developed by, you guessed it, Wall Street schemers. The schemers figured out that Wall Street investment banks could purchase student loans way back in the early nineteen eighties, and then issue bonds to rich investors backed by the student loan payments made by the loan recipients and guaranteed by the federal government. It was easy money. Wall Street hacks took their case to congress and to President Reagan way back then, and bought favors including sharply reducing federal grants to students, forcing them to take out more student loan debt, and enriching rich investors in the process.

Today student loan debt exceeds $1.3 trillion and surpasses the total amount of credit card debt. Student loans are among the most insidious income redistribution scams.

Click the following link to read more on this. Occupy Wall Street buys and cancels student loan debt–Huffington Post

Data from the US Census Bureau shows that US income from 2013 stayed stagnate from 2012, as well as the previous thirty-three years of domination by the 1 percent. Median income has dropped by $5,000 per year since 2007. That money has been redistributed to the 1 percent via free trade treaties, deregulation scams, privatization schemes, and artificially keeping the minimum wage down, rather than allowing it to grow with inflation and productivity. The difference between what wages should be, and what they are, are redistributed to the 1 percent via higher corporate earnings, surging dividends, and rising share prices. That includes the thirty plus million jobs that have been shipped overseas via free trade treaties since 1990.

Thank you Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden who has voted to ship jobs overseas and redistribute the income of hard working Americans to the 1 percent in the process every time he has had the opportunity to do so.

For more on the story, click the following link from Reuters, New Data Shows Wages in 2013 Remain Stagnate–Reuters

The movement to destroy Internet freedom is happening as you read this. Players from both major political parties are involved in making this happen. Let your congressional representatives know where you stand on this issue.

President Barack Obama knew precisely what he was doing when he nominated Tom Wheeler to head the Federal Communications Commission, and he was unanimously confirmed by the senate, which means that both major political parties are in on the fix against the 99 percent.

According to Wikipedia, Wheeler “…was appointed by President Obama and confirmed by the U.S. Senate in November 2013. Prior to working at the FCC, Wheeler worked as a venture capitalist and lobbyist for the cable and wireless industry, with positions including President of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) and CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA).”

In other words, Wheeler is a charter member of the 1 percent with deep roots into the pockets of the Internet companies. The fix is in. Wheeler is planning on using the Internet as a conduit to redistribute income from the 99 to the 1 percent. Call the chairman, and let him know what you think about this rigged game.


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