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Obama inherited a disaster when he became president. He squandered a lot and caved in to Wall Street and Republicans like he was their rag doll. On the other hand, he has accomplished a lot since he became president. Some people think he’s the most effective president since FDR. Those people are forgetting some pretty effective men, like Harry Truman. He set up the apparatus that destroyed the Soviet Union. You know. Things like setting up NATO, SEATO, the containment policy, the Marshal Plan that saved western Europe after World War II, the Truman Policy that saved Greece from a communist takeover after the big war, the Berlin Airlift, and tons more. All of this brought the Soviet Union down, just like he planned. Obama’s had some success, but nothing like Truman.

Republicans like to credit President Reagan with the fall of the Soviet Union, but all he did was continue an arms buildup begun first by Truman, and then reactivated by Carter.

As for what Obama has done, click on the link below.

Yeah man, click here!

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