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A few hours ago, thousands of students, workers, and other supporters gathered in Union Square chanting “Shut the city down!” and using the People’s Mic to share more stories of how banks and corporate greed have impacted the 99%. Simultaneously, Occupiers took to multiple subway stations in all five boroughs.

Students chanted “CUNY should be free!” and “Student Power!” as they took to the streets along 16th and 5th Avenue, shutting down traffic and leaving police unable to respond. Police eventually erected barricades along 5th Avenue in an attempt to block the march

Now, thousands of people have left Union square to join their fellow Occupiers and are marching down Broadway toward Foley Square to join another large contingent of labor unions. We are currently hearing reports that Foley has been overwhelmed by a massive police presence, with helicopters circling overhead. However, thousands have already gathered approaching Foley and more continue to pour out from the subways.

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Video of Occupy Wall Protesters Being Arrested

Click on this link to see video of the arrests of Wall Street Protesters

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Country Legend Willie Nelson Says He Supports Occupy Wall Street

Country music legend Willie Nelson has told KSAT’s Paul Venema that supports the Occupy Wall Street movement.

“Once the people have had enough, they start speaking and they’ll start doing what they’re doing, I’m proud of them for doing it.”

He also said, “I pay my taxes and some of those guys up there [on Wall Street] don’t,” he said. “And those are the ones that I’m pissed off at, the ones that make millions of dollars a year and don’t pay any taxes.”

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NEW YORK (AP) — Police arrested protesters who sat on the ground and blocked traffic into New York City’s financial district on Thursday, part of a day of mass gatherings in response to efforts to break up Occupy Wall Street camps nationwide.

Police in riot helmets hauled several protesters to their feet and handcuffed them at an intersection one block from Wall Street.

“All day, all week, shut down Wall Street!” the crowd chanted.

For the full story click on the link below.
mass arrests of Occupy Wall Street Protesters

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