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The super-committee has failed, which is good. The failure of the committee is a symptom of the corruption of our government at all levels, from congress to the president to the Koch Brothers/Corporate/Wall Street/Big Oil wing of the Supreme Court, which might be the most corrupted in the history of the United States.

Any way, there are below two videos. One of them is of Obama via Jon Stewart. The other video is about a leader named Franklin Roosevelt.

I will begin an on-going series of the differences between Obama and FDR. Those differences are gigantic, and all of them are in favor of FDR.

Let’s begin with something we should all know. When FDR became president, the unemployment rate was 25.3 percent. If unemployment was measured today as it was during the reign of FDR, the unemployment rate would’ve been around 16.5 percent when President Obama took office.

Roosevelt decided to tackle the problem immediately. Meanwhile, Obama decided to negotiate with the Republicans that wanted to destroy his presidency for a stimulus package. He settled for a package that included job destroying tax cuts for the rich, and a smaller stimulus package than what experts such as Paul Krugman said was necessary to get the USA out of its economic problems.

Roosevelt was reelected in 1936. Will Obama be reelected in 2012? Obama is the wrong person for the wrong job at the wrong time. However, he may get lucky since all the Republicon candidates are far worse choices than he is. But let’s face something. Obama is leading us toward banana republic status just as surely as the Republicans want to, only Obama wants to do it slightly slower than his rivals.

Roosevelt, on the other hand, decided to work on behalf of all American citizens, and he decided to fight back against the vicious, class warriors for the rich of the Republicon Party. He didn’t want the United States to slide into banana republic status, something that Obama seems to relish doing.

Click here a look at Obama's Wonderful Leadership Skills and Determination

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Occupy Tahrir Square is Happening Right Now!

Thousands of Egyptians have been rallying in Tahrir Square to throw off military rule. Hundreds have been injured by the military and police. Click on the link below to see the full story.

Click here for the full story

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The Factors Driving the 99 Percent-The Golden Rule

Ultimately, the causes espoused in the video below have been brought about by those people with political power who have pushed for legislation that redistribute income and wealth from working people to the rich. It’s the golden rule in action. He who has the gold makes the rules.

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