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Police in Full Riot gear arrest the kitchen sink from Occupy Boston

It is difficult to believe that life has come down to this. When riot police invaded the Occupy Boston encampment on Thursday evening and carried off a kitchen sink that had recently been donated by MIT, the initial reaction was one of outrage.

As described by Brad Johnson at Think Progress, “Police seized the newly donated graywater sink and tossed it into the back of a police wagon, as other police with flex cuffs blocked occupiers. Dozens of motorcycle police arrived. A brief skirmish ensued as some protesters linked arms to block the wagon from leaving. In the ensuing sink seizure chaos, occupier Suzi Pietroluongo was stepped on by a police officer. When the police wagon sped off, the back doors were open and the sink was hanging out.”

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Kidnapper Sues Victims

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Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has exuberantly hosted Latin American leaders in a bid to create a new regional body that is intended to counter the United States. (This means one thing. US corporations will find it more difficult to redistribute income from working Latin Americans to their rich shareholders.–John Hively)

The Friday inauguration of the 33-member Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), which deliberately excludes Canada and the United States, was also Chavez’s biggest moment on the world stage since he underwent cancer surgery in June.

The 57-year-old Chavez, who wants to win re-election next October, warmly welcomed other leaders, including Dilma Rousseff of Brazil, Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez and Cuba’s Raul Castro.

“As the years go by, CELAC is going to leave behind the old and worn-out OAS,” Chavez said, referring to the hemisphere-wide Organisation of American States that leftist nations say is under Washington’s thumb.

Chavez called the foundation of CELAC an achievement 200 years in the making, the realisation of the ambitions of independence hero Simon Bolivar.

“Only unity will make us free,” Chavez said to applause at the opening ceremony. “This is the path: Unity, unity, unity!”

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