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Jon Stewart was keen to analyze Herman Cain’s farewell to the presidency speech, in which he claimed to quote a poet

The Daily Show host particularly was enthralled by Cain’s bizarre ending to his speech, where the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO quoted the closing song from the first Pokémon movie.

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NY Governor Does the Right Thing by Occupy Wall Street

After facing repeated protests over his resistance to raising taxes on wealthy New Yorkers, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo relented on Tuesday, striking a deal with legislators that will boost state revenues by $1.9 billion while simultaneously dropping the middle class tax rate to the lowest it has been in 58 years.

Members of “Occupy Wall Street” have for months been pressuring elected officials to raise taxes on wealthy Americans and lighten the burden on the poor and middle class. This very issue is what activist and author Naomi Wolf was arrested over in October, outside a Huffington Post event where Cuomo was being honored for his support of marriage equality.

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