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I told you so. The USA is mired in a depression, as in Great Depression. The only thing holding the economy up has been FDR’s New Deal. The rich have sucked too many of us working class people dry and dryer. They have their government enact foreign treaties that take our jobs and ship them to overseas. The difference between the old pay in the USA and the new pay of those same jobs in say, Vietnam, goes into the pockets of the rich. Say the old pay was $50,000 and the new pay in Vietnam is $3,000. The difference of $47,000 goes into the pockets of the rich via dividends and rising share prices and CEO compensation. The US worker who loses that job just saw his income redistributed to the rich, and that income is redistributed year after year, for so long as the job remains outside of the USA. That’s why the US is in such dire straits economically. We working folks don’t have enough money to buy enough things to keep the economy going forward, for when we do, we create the demand for products, which spur the growth of jobs. The loss of jobs due to Jobs Outsourcing and Redistribution of Income treaties have been a massive reason why the economy is as it is; weak and getting weaker.

Now Europe is facing economic collapse due to the adoption of the Euro, and China might be heading down the road to recession. The Chinese factor looms big. See the story below.

Is China Going to Push the Depression in the USA into a World-Wide Problem? Click here for China's Economic Woes

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Saturday, December 18, 2011

More than 50 anti-Wall Street protesters have been arrested after they tried to climb over a fence around a church car park to establish a new encampment. Five to ten members of the clergy were among those arrested.

The demonstrators used a wooden ladder to scale the chain-link fence and enter the car park owned by Trinity Church, an Occupy Wall Street spokesman said.

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Open Rebellion In China! See Report here. Occupy in China!

The Chinese village of Wukan, which has been in open revolt since the death of its representative Xue Jinbo in police custody ten days ago, has rejected overtures from the government to discuss ending the standoff.

“Leaders at a higher level of local government summoned me for talks,” village representative Lin Zuluan stated. “But I told them that until they release Xue’s body, and the four other villagers held in custody, and to give back our land, there can be no talks.”

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