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50,000 from all over the world are marching on Chicago, 80 more are holed up in lower Manhattan, planning the final stages of their protest tomorrow, others are putting the finishing touches on a planned march and rally in Portland, Oregon. Occupy is not alone; Jobs with Justice, Oregon Fair Trade, and other organizations are planning rallies against government corruption, free trade income redistributing treaties and the massive redistribution of income and wealth from the 99 to the 1 percent that the corrupt federal government has engineered during the last thirty years.

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Good question! Why ain’t there no jobs? Let’s see? Wall Street, corporate CEO’s and other rich folks took a bunch and shipped them away, thanks to free trade treaties. But there’s still a ton of jobs in the United States! Right? You can bet your house on that! Oh, my bad. Everybody already did that and they lost their home equity to the rich. On the other hand, we’re all working more and earning less. That’s great for increasing the nation’s productivity, but all the benefits from working more and earning less have gone to the wealthy, mostly via higher corporate profits, rising dividends and enhanced share prices.

That’s why the stock market is such a good way of gauging how well the economy is doing. When it goes up, the 99 percent is worse off, when it goes down, it’s often because the 99 percent is doing a little better. Click on the link below and see how bad working folks have it. That’s why the economy is a rigged game. The results were fixed by your legislators and corporate bigwigs a long time ago.

12 charts from Mother Jones magazine that will make your blood boil

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Stories of Overworked Americans

Working more and earning less? Join the club. You’re not alone. And that extra work you’re doing? You got to wonder where the money you’re earning for your boss or company is going since none of it is going into your wallet. Wall Street snags a ton. Much of it winds up in the already fat wallets of the one percent. You work your fingers to the bone while they sit on their fat, lazy asses collecting dividend checks from your work.

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The Great Worker Speed Up–How Do Improve Productivity

“The big economic news of the past couple of weeks brought a study in contrasts: Hiring has slowed down dramatically, with few people coming off the unemployment rolls, while corporate profits keep climbing. How could this be?” Click on the link below to find out how.”

Working More and Earning Less–The full story

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There was a reason why Apple Inc. builds their stuff in China and Taiwan and elsewhere; some of it has to do with money, but there are other reasons, as well. An example is provided below.

“The chemical n-hexane used in the Taiwanese-owned Wintek factory caused dozens to faint, fall ill and complain of headaches and other mild symptoms. But many workers were hit harder, suffering nerve damage in their hands and feet from exposure to the chemical, the use of which is regulated in China. The lasting impact of their exposure to the toxin remains unknown, and Apple has repeatedly ignored requests for comment on the situation. They did mention the case in their 2010 corporate supplier report, but said the matter had been solved.”

The full story is below.

Steve Jobs death doesn't absolve Apple Inc.

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50,000 occupiers from all over the world will be converging on Chicago May 1. “The world’s military and political elites, heads of state, 7,500 officials from 80 nations, and more than 2,500 journalists will be there for a rare G8 and NATO simultaneous summit.” They will come with an eye toward planning how to redistribute more income and wealth from working people all over the world to the one percent. It’s that simple. That’s the plan, regardless of how their spokespeople paint the issue. And that’s why Occupy will be in Chicago for a month.

50,000 Occupiers to Occupy Chicago on May 1, 2012

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England has moved into a double-dip recession thanks to government budget cutting during a time of economic weakness, owing to the redistribution of income from working people to the one percent over the last thirty years. In other words, the corporate economic system of England may no longer be able to stand on its own. In other words, the economy of England is collapsing, slowly.

Austerity Policies Drive England into a Double Dip Recession

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New orders for durable goods fell 4.2 percent last month. Orders have dropped two out of the last three months. When the orders for durable goods drops, it can herald the beginning of the end of whatever business expansion we’re in. It’s the scary canary in the economic coal mine. However, falling orders for durable goods does not necessarily signal the beginning of the end, but it is always the first step.

Durable goods are those things that ordinarily last three or more years, like pipes, computers, cars, toilets, stereos and stuff like that.

We should keep an eye on financial events as they unfold because the next recession could come quickly and with savage intensity since the rich are getting an ever greater share of the total national income through their political power over Republicans and Democrats alike. The one percent heisted 93 percent of the total national income growth from 2009 to 2010, and it is likely their share is about the same for the 2010 to 2011 fiscal year. That means there’s less money among the 99 percent to demand the goods and services necessary to keep the economy floating and to increase the number of jobs, while the rich have more money and political clout to demand and get legislation that redistributes even more income into their already fat wallets.

So hold on to your jobs, because the recession could be coming soon. Oh, and by the way. We’re still in the Second Great Depression that began in December 2007.

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