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Corporate Drone Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon has come up with a new scam on his behalf of his Wall Street masters to redistribute income from working Americans to the one percent via a bill that provides vouchers for health care insurance. Liberal economist Paul Krugman called Wyden a useful idiot for his proposal, and deservedly so. I read the proposal and this is what I thought.

It sounds like Obama care in that the feds are going to force u to buy health insurance, “For starters, every American…will be required to choose – a comprehensive health insurance plan.”

What’s that? “Required to choose?” Sounds like it came straight out of the Heritage Foundation. Maybe that’s why that corporate/socialist Republican congressman Paul Ryan is the cosponsor of the bill. Geez, I wonder how the conservative supreme court justices will rule on the constitutional power of the federal government to force people to buy health insurance? I’m rooting for them to strike it down and they might if the insurance companies suggest they do so. On the other hand, no doubt, the justices will strike down Obamacare because the federal government doesn’t have the constitutional power to force people to buy stuff. But the justices might feel different if vouchers were involved because they like vouchers and Republican ideas on redistributing income from working Americans to the one percent.

Wyden’s plan has got to be a joke. “Eliminating employers as an additional payer would encourage consumers to use health care more efficiently.” In other words, the insurance companies will keep jacking up the prices so that citizens are getting less and less bang for the buck. Employers negotiate prices on behalf of their employees with the insurance companies. Geez, if employees are negotiating with them separately, I have no doubt how that will work out. We lose. The insurance companies win.

Wyden wrote, “Getting rid of the employer tax deduction, which costs a whopping $200 billion a year, would free up funds to subsidize insurance up to 400 percent of the poverty line, which is $82,000 for a family of four.”

Are companies going to be taxed for that money? Because they’re not going to donate it so that the poor can buy insurance. They’re going to use it to jack up profits, dividends and rising share costs for the one percent. That seems to be Wyden’s intent, redistribute more income from the 99 percent to the one percent. Then he’ll increase the federal taxes of the middle class or increase the deficit to fund the poor.

This plan of Corporate drone Wyden and Corporate Drone/Socialist Republican Paul Ryan sucks. It’s an income redistribution scam.

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It’s a lie: Social Security is not even close to being broke

One of the great lies today is that the Social Security Trust Fund is broke. It’s amazing that the fund can have $2.6 trillion dollars in Treasury Bills, collecting $118 billion a year in interest, and be broke. Of course it’s not broke.

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