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The Top Five Regrets of the Dying Are?

You might be surprised at what the top five regrets of those who are dying. It wasn’t anything having to do with materialistic stuff, like “I wished I could’ve bought more cheap plastic crap made in China.” Or, “I wished I would’ve bought me an Ipad.”

Click here for the top five regrets of the dying

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The American Dream has been thrown out the window by the one percent and their lackeys in government.

Now they’re kicking the battered dream down the street with the toes of their boots as they negotiate the Trans-Pacific Income Redistribution Agreement. That back room deal means more of the same. Redistributing more income from the 99 percent to the one percent. That’s all it’s about. But these trade have given us something.

Lackluster job growth, high unemployment, a weak housing market, massive redistribution of income and wealth from working people to the rich, shipping away our jobs, as well as much of the tax base which has weakened our schools, fire and police departments; these agreements have given us potholes in our roads and in our future opportunities. These agreements are shattering the American Dream. Resist!

click here for the complete March 2012 job numbers

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