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Your government is planning in secret to redistribute more of your income to the rich via the Trans Pacific Income Redistribution Agreement. Nobody knows any of the details except for what has been leaked. And guess what that is. Click below.

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High unemployment, crumbling schools and roads; The new normal, that’s where we’re at, at least that’s what some people say. They’re wrong. Even with slight upticks in the number of jobs in the USA, things are continuing to deteriorate for the 99 percent. Your government is still plotting in secret to fashion polices that ship jobs overseas and redistribute income from the 99 percent to the well-heeled, corrupt and politically connected one percent. That redistribution of income and wealth has been ongoing for thirty years and look what it’s done to us, to our nation, to the 99 percent who have no representation in government. Perhaps unemployed Frankie says it best below when she relates what the new normal means for her on a personal level.

“To make matters worse,” Frankie wrote, “the job search has never been so degrading. I’m 57, so I can remember a time when looking for work did not mean forfeiting your dignity. The screening process for even the lowliest position is more invasive than a strip search. Urine tests, credit checks, Internet searches of your personal life and protracted inquisitions by committee are the norm.

In the wealthiest country in the world, should a job with a minimal level of financial security really be so much to ask? Despite the deficit hysteria, there is in fact no shortage of resources in the US.”

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(Reuters) – In the eight years since Zhang Shuxiang first left her village in the poor interior of central China, she worked in 20 factories before coming to the assembly line of a Foxconn plant making products for tech firms including Apple. She wants it to be her last.

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