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Muscle bound Dave spent fifteen years in the slammer, then he turned his life around by making organic bread. He called it Killer Bread and it became one of the hottest breads on the market in the Pacific Northwest. It was a place where ex-cons could find work, but not if you’re interested in forming a labor union. That kind of interest can terminate employment same some. One out of ten of roughly 260 employees has been fired since last summer, which coincides with trying to form a union.

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“After 9 days and 212 kilometers, the Indigenous, Campesino and Popular March for the defense of Mother Earth, against evictions, criminalization, and in favor of Integrated Rural Development, arrived to the center of the Capital City. According to members of the Committee for Campesino Unity (CUC), it is estimated that about 15,000 people participated in the ninth and final day of the march.” This would be the equivalent of millions of Americans marching, but we can’t we’d miss Dancing with the Stars and our video games!

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