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The Department of Justice has decided to file price fixing charges against Apple, Inc. The DOJ is alleging that Apple conspired with book publishers to fix the price of ebooks. In other words, Apple has been accused of illegally redistributing money from the 99 percent to the one percent via illegally higher prices, profits and higher dividends and share prices than would otherwise have been the case.

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Wall Street Mitt is at it again. He blamed Obama for the massive job losses suffered by women even though those losses mostly came at the hands of Republicans. The Republicans have targeted public sector employees and women have been devastated by these job losses.

“Heavy job losses in public sector employment have disproportionately affected women and contributed to the dismal employment picture for women throughout the recovery. While women represented just over half (57.2 percent) of the public workforce at the end of the recession, they lost a disproportionate share (69.1 percent) of the 573,000 jobs cut in this sector between June 2009 and March 2012,” said a post at the National Women’s Law Center website.

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