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No Separation–A Short Film About Work and Spirituality

No Separation from Cathy Zheutlin on Vimeo.

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Did you ever notice that every time there is a short-term shortage of oil or the price begins to rise, there is talk of running out of affordable oil, an idea captured by the concept of Peak Oil. You remember that slick slimy scam artist who talked of it a decade ago; Dick Cheney, our then unelected but acting president. As soon as he said it, the price of gas zoomed from $1.25 a gallon to $4. People actually believed the liar as income was redistributed from our pockets into the pockets of rich oil company executives and their shareholders. In other words, after Cheney’s propaganda campaign took root, an income redistribution scam took place. The rich were sucking us dry even while there was plenty of oil for which we should have been paying half a dollar at the pump or less, if market mechanisms were allowed to function. Nowadays, the process is happening, but the problem isn’t Peak Oil. No, sir. The problem is too much oil and too few producers that act together to squeeze the middle class and redistribute income from the 99 percent to the one percent. Of course, we have a government of slimy plutocrats, like Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, working to ensure this income redistribution scam works.

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