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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “We must reconnect the people to the political process and their government.… Let’s pass campaign finance reform and let’s do it this year.”

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The Republican primary is a rigged game. Ron Paul has most likely won the Iowa and Minnesota Republican primaries. Corruption was the reason why he did not initially win. Apparently, the vote counting wasn’t very well done, what with voter and electoral fraud running rampant among Republicans in order to ensure that Wall Street Mitt is the Republican choice. The truth is that the Republican establishment fears Ron Paul; he’s too honest and independent of Wall Street to be allowed to be the Republican presidential candidate in 2012.

It’s interesting to note a poll taken a few months ago that offered registered Democrats a choice of only the Republican primary candidates for president; 54 percent chose Paul. In other words, the Democratic base is looking for an honest candidate, too.

How come Fox News isn’t on top of this story? Oh, that’s right! They’re the propaganda wing of the Republican Party establishment. That’s why MSNBC reported on this story.

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Ron Paul Won Iowa and Probably Minnesota

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Mexicans are no longer trying to flee to the United States from their corrupt nation. Perhaps many have discovered they’re escaping to another nation corrupted by big money. The best stats available indicate a zero net migration into the United States during the last four years. The reasons cited include a declining birth rate, stepped up US border enforcement and a poor job market in the USA.

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Net Migration From Mexico Dips to Zero

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