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Carlos Montes faces 22 years in prison for throwing a can of soda at police during a demonstration way back when, in 1969. But that isn’t the real reason the sixty-four year old is facing prison. His political activities have gotten him the attention of President Barack “Wall Street” Obama.

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A 64-year-old leftist activist turned retired Xerox salesman raided by the FBI over protest-related felony charge from 1969


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The rich want to become richer since failure to do so will result in the collapse of Wall Street. It’s as simple as that. That’s why government crams “free trade income redistribution, tax base exporting, treaties.” These treaties redistribute income from the bottom to the top. But why does the corporate media cover up these scams? Click the link below.

Why Big Media Protects the One Percent

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Senator Ron Wyden, who is supposed to represent the people of Oregon, but who represents the 1 percent of people who use Wall Street to steal money from the 99 percent, is not happy with the latest income redistribution scam put forth by the Obama administration. That scheme seeks to redistribute more and more income from working people to the ultra wealthy.

The senator is the chairman of the senate subcommittee on trade. He is leading the charge against the scam, which is something of a miracle, but more of a coincidence, since he normally aids and abets such plots against the American people.

The Trans Pacific Trade Agreement (TPP) is being negotiated in secrecy, except for the 600 corporate lobbyists with access to the negotiators and a few members of congress. The negotiations involve twelve nations and it’s going to be bigger than Nafta. That’s a ton of income the Obama administration is planning to redistribute from working Americans to Wall Street.

Leaked documents show the pharmaceutical corporations want higher prices. Can you guess whose pockets they intend to pick when the TPP is enacted into law? Yours, or some other working stiffs somewhere. And then Big Pharma will take their higher prices, swell their profits, jack up their dividends and pump up their share prices. That’s how the extra money working stiffs will pay to stay healthy and alive will wind up in the pockets of the affluent. Think about it for just a moment.

The Obama administration is negotiating to jack up the price working people will pay to stay alive. That’s how the free trade income redistribution scam works. Your money or your life. Sounds like highway robbery to me.

Senator Wyden normally supports Wall Street in the rape and pillage of the 99 percent, especially via free trade scams. So what gives?

Wyden said, “The majority of Congress is being kept in the dark as to the substance of the TPP negotiations, while representatives of U.S. corporations — like Halliburton, Chevron, PhRMA, Comcast and the Motion Picture Association of America — are being consulted and made privy to details of the agreement.”

This statement explains a great deal. Wyden represents Google and other Internet firms. They are opposed to anything which would inhibit downloading and other things they do to make a profit. The movie industry and others don’t like this. The TPP could be a vehicle to go around Wyden and other supporters of Internet freedom. In this way, Wyden appears to side with the people of Oregon, whom he is supposed to represent, but whom he does not normally on economic matters, since he likes free “income redistribution” trade scam treaties. But his opposition to the secrecy of the TPP is a happy coincidence for the people of Oregon.

There is one other thing to note. The senator’s opposition is not to the TPP, but to it’s secrecy.

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Trans-Pacific Partnership: Key Senate Democrat Joins Bipartisan Trade Revolt Against Obama

Wyden's Statement Introduction of Congressional Oversight Over Trade Negotiations Act

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What will you achieve if you take out student loans, go to college, improve your skills and get ahead of your competition? For the first time in US history, you’ll most likely get a ton of student loan debt and join your competition in a place on a very long unemployment line. But the affluent will become richer, thanks to your debt. By the way, that’s something neither Republicans nor Democrats want you to know. Student loan debt is a scam to make you indentured servants for a very long time.

This is the new normal. Go to college, get heavily into debt, and become unemployed or underemployed. Blame free trade treaties. Those treaties are intended to redistribute income from the 99 to the 1 percent. Ship the jobs overseas, or negotiate a treaty that makes it easier to create jobs in lower wage countries. Pretty soon the jobs here dry up, and so does the tax base, resulting in government layoffs, such as police and teachers. Jobs gone. Just like that. But the difference between the old wages here and the new wages over there fly into the already fat wallets of the super rich, who then buy more politicians, such as Senator Ron Wyden, who then vote yes on more income redistribution treaties. That’s the whole game.

By the way, for every 68 or so blue collar jobs shipped away, or created overseas, another 32 jobs go overseas with them, and these are mostly white collar jobs that require a college degree. These include management, accountants, lawyers, bookkeepers, computer programmers, etc… Every one of these jobs shipped overseas has meant the loss of three other jobs in various local industries, many of which require college degrees.

This is why there are so many college educated people in the unemployment line.

Most unemployed Americans Attended at Least Some College

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Does the white working class vote against its own interests when it votes Republican? “Whites without college degrees, as reasonable if flawed an indicator of “class” in this country as exists, backed John McCain by 58 to 40 in 2008 and George W Bush in 2004 and 2000 by similar amounts. Failing to sense the liberation the Democrats have in store for them, they have been seized by a collective bout of false consciousness and are once again set to vote against their own interests. Having thus infantilised them as ostensible adults in need of protection against themselves, progressives will then wonder why this particular group of people do not flock to them at the polls.”

There are several problems with looking at things this way. Maybe the Democrats have duped everybody. Let’s face it. Bill Clinton signed NAFTA, repealed Glass-Steagall and cut welfare. These were all things which helped to fuel the current economic crisis.

Click on the link below for the full analysis.

Click here– Why the White Working Poor Reject the Democratic Party

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Taxes! Taxes! Taxes! Guess what? Taxes are a way of paying government services, but they’re also a way of voicing group solidarity. A study shows the truth of this. Click on the link below.

America's middle-class tax morality

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By now, everybody with the exception of dumb downed Fox News Viewers knows the truth of the headline of this story. But there is something that is probably less well known. Here it is; all of the corporate news media do the same thing, only the difference between them and Fox News is a matter of degree and not of kind. That’s why we need to go to the Internet, to truthout.org, to the Guardian of England, to Al Jezeera, to the BBC, to find the real news.

In 1904, the brilliant economist Thorstein Veblen wrote in Theory of Business Enterprise, “The first duty of an editor is to edit and omit all news stories with a view to what the news ought to be.” The corporate news media, including the New York Times, continues to follow this rule. Veblen also wrote, The second duty of an editor is to not offend advertisers.

Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, Nike, Microsoft, Apple and hundreds of other corporations rely heavily on redistributing income from the 99 percent to the one percent via free trade treaties. The difference between the old wages here and the new lesser wages over there are redistributed to the one percent via higher corporate profits, rising dividends and increased share prices. The losers of those jobs may get unemployment insurance if they are lucky.

So don’t expect any stories from any corporate media outlets about how free trade treaties have redistributed income, and wiped out much of the tax base that supports our schools and local government services. The same is true of deregulation and other methods of redistributing income and wealth from the 99 to the one percent. And you certainly won’t find any stories about how thirty plus years of tax cuts for the one percent have brought about all of the above, but also corrupted our government and courts, especially the corrupt corporate wing of the US supreme court.

Click here for the story about Fox News and the Dumbing Down of Its Audience

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The corrupt corporate wing of the supreme court ruled that coporations were people and that they could raise bazillions of dollars to bribe politicians without disclosing who their contributors were. The founding fathers would’ve been aghast at these easily bribed justices, bribed either with money, or access to economic royality, or other reasons. However, now a lower court has ruled that the names of the money donors must be revealed. Notice that the corporate media has for the most part refused to report this story. See the link below.

By the way, we know that corporations and financial markets are owned by the one percent and are the principal conduits through which wealth and income are redistributed from the 99 percent to the one percent. Legislation has created these conduits. And the corrupt, corporate wing of the Corporate Supreme Court has been sold to the highest bidder, as described above. The court is a major tool of the rich in their war against the middle class.

Appellate Court Rules

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Jim Cramer Says Romney is ‘a job destroyer, not a creator’

CNBC personality Jim Cramer provided an opinion Sunday morning that won’t be endorsed by Republican presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney, calling his time at Bain Capital as one more about firing than hiring people.

Appearing on Meet The Press in the roundtable segment, the Mad Money host differed with David Gregory’s perspective that Romney had a “real area of strength” over President Barack Obama on the economy. Gregory based his view on a recent ad from the Romney campaign that mentioned how the former Massachusetts governor would approve of the controversial Keystone pipeline if he was president.

“Romney is known as a job destoryer, not a creator,” Cramer said. “I just don’t think that this will stick, I think Bain sticks. I think the idea that you bring in Bain, which is what happened, in the 80′s. They fire people and that’s how they get prosperity for the rich.”

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It’s well known that private businesses soak the poor. What’s less well known is that the government does it as well.

“The trick is to rob them in ways that are systematic, impersonal, and almost impossible to trace to individual perpetrators. Employers, for example, can simply program their computers to shave a few dollars off each paycheck, or they can require workers to show up 30 minutes or more before the time clock starts ticking.

Lenders, including major credit companies as well as payday lenders, have taken over the traditional role of the street-corner loan shark, charging the poor insanely high rates of interest. When supplemented with late fees (themselves subject to interest), the resulting effective interest rate can be as high as 600% a year, which is perfectly legal in many states.”

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