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President Obama has said that he supports same sex marriage. It was a simple, calculated political move. The Democratic base had nothing to rejoice about Obama. He’d given the rich everything they could have wanted during his presidency, most of which his working class base had been against.

He needed to find something he could support, something that would fire up his theoretical base, but not arouse his real base, and so same sex marriage became the way to go. That’s because Obama’s real base is the one percent, and in particular it is Wall Street. The theoretical base is the votes, the real base is the money. Obama was worried about getting enough people to vote for him.

A better issue for Obama would’ve been supporting rising taxes on the rich, since low taxes on them destroy jobs and buy politicians. That’s how the one percent has stolen 93 percent of total US income growth since 2009. But Obama wouldn’t want us to know that, nor does he want to change the status quo. So like any good corporate owned candidate, and especially like Republicans, Obama chose a social issue in which to rally the theoretical base, all while ensuring the one percent picked the pockets of the 99 percent by using government legislation. This way he’ll continue to get the money, as well as the votes.

The presidential election of 2012 is rigged to ensure that a Wall Street candidate gets the office; our choice will be simple; Wall Street Obama or Wall Street Mitt. It’s time to take to the streets: Occupy!

Obama talks gay marriage, but not the financial rape of the 99 percent by the one percent

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Urgent Action: Colombian union leaders in danger

Multiple death threats to labor union leaders and their families mark the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement between the U.S. and Colombia today. John Jairo Castro of the Port Workers’ Union; Wilson Ferrer, President of the CUT labor federation in Santander; Johnnson Torres Ortis of the sugar cane cutters’ union SINALCORTEROS; and Rene Morales Silva of the African palm oil workers’ union SINTRAINAGRO all received death threats this week.

Almost 3000 labor union leaders have been gunned down in Colombia since 1986, and not a single person has been charged with any of these crimes. Obviously, the Colombian government is the chief culprit, or backer of these assassinations.

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Colombian Labor Union Leaders Threatened with Death

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