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Does the white working class vote against its own interests when it votes Republican? “Whites without college degrees, as reasonable if flawed an indicator of “class” in this country as exists, backed John McCain by 58 to 40 in 2008 and George W Bush in 2004 and 2000 by similar amounts. Failing to sense the liberation the Democrats have in store for them, they have been seized by a collective bout of false consciousness and are once again set to vote against their own interests. Having thus infantilised them as ostensible adults in need of protection against themselves, progressives will then wonder why this particular group of people do not flock to them at the polls.”

There are several problems with looking at things this way. Maybe the Democrats have duped everybody. Let’s face it. Bill Clinton signed NAFTA, repealed Glass-Steagall and cut welfare. These were all things which helped to fuel the current economic crisis.

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Click here– Why the White Working Poor Reject the Democratic Party

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Taxes! Taxes! Taxes! Guess what? Taxes are a way of paying government services, but they’re also a way of voicing group solidarity. A study shows the truth of this. Click on the link below.

America's middle-class tax morality

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