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“The health of the US economy is set to dominate the second day of the Democratic convention in Charlotte, North Carolina Wednesday, offering a rejoinder to Republican attacks over President Barack Obama’s economic management.”

The Dems aren’t likely to boast much about the state of the economy, since it is still sliding toward a complete economic collapse, albeit more slowly than when Obama took office, thanks to Republican economic policies. The collapse will likely occur just a few more years down the road.

That’s because the 1 percent is reaping almost all of the benefits of economic growth by using their cronies in the Democratic and Republican parties to pass federal and state legislation that redistributes income from working folks to the rich. That’s the game plan of both parties. The rich are their masters.

Nonetheless it’s interesting to look a “side-by-side comparison of Obama and Mitt Romney’s plans to reduce 8.3 percent unemployment, speed up lackluster 1.7 percent growth and tackle the $16 trillion national debt.” None of the plans deals with real issues, which is why both schemes continue to redistribute income from the bottom to the top. Wall Street Obama’s so-called plan seems to be to steal income from the 99 percent and give it to the 1 percent more slowly than Wall Street Mitt the Twit’s scam. Click the link below for the comparison.

Comparing the Economic Scams of Obama and Mitt the Twit — Rawstory.com

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