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Massachusetts Senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren shows why the Republicans fear her when she states the obvious in the link below. She talks about the rigged game the 1 percent has legislated against the 99 percent.

Click the link below great quote by Elizabeth Warren and The Rigged Game.

Senatorial Candidate Elizabeth Warren Lets Us Know About The Rigged Game

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That the economy added only 96,000 jobs in August is considered bad news, but nobody in politics, business or the media ever tells us why.

The answer is simple and would probably cause US citizens to get angry or at least wonder what the hell is going on. Some would wonder, “What kind of Ponzi Scam is Wall Street running?” Others might think, “What have we gotten ourselves into?” Or worse, at least from the point-of-view of the scam artists of Wall Street, average citizens in large numbers might suggest we do something about this scam.

To keep the Ponzi scam known as Wall Street from collapsing, the US population always needs to increase. That’s because corporate profits must always grow in the long run, because if they drop in the long run, corporate shares would nose-dive and corporate bond values would plummet. The shares of publicly traded limited liability corporations would then collapse to zero or nearly so, and this includes such heavyweights as Apple Inc. and Microsoft. The wealth of the 1 percent would vanish, and could evaporate nearly overnight. Wall Street would lay in ashes and the 99 percent of US citizens would be better off with the Wall Street parasite dead, but the plutocrats of the US government, like Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden, doesn’t like the idea of not worshiping and serving the interests of the almighty dollar.

One of the ways to keep the value of corporate shares constantly rising in the long-term is to keep the underlying population growing. More mouths to feed means more demand for goods and services, and this helps to keep corporate shares moving up, which keeps Wall Street in business. A decline in population would mean less mouths to feed and clothe and would send Wall Street reeling into a financial abyss until it became “valueless,” which is the same as saying “dead.”

That is why adding 96,000 jobs in August is considered bad. That number doesn’t keep up with population growth and it doesn’t help the current excess surplus of labor (the unemployed) obtain jobs already shipped away or destroyed by government income redistribution schemes. These scams redistribute income from the 99 to the 1 percent via federal legislation, such as free trade treaties, deregulation and privatization. (Those scams, by the way, are also intended to keep the values of stocks traded in the financial markets moving upward. But that’s a different story.) More importantly, from Wall Street’s point-of-view, people are less willing to immigrate to the USA if there are not enough jobs to support themselves. That idea sends chills up the spines of the parasites of Wall Street.

The US population continues to grow by tens of millions every decade. Does anybody think that’s a good thing? Endless population growth? The Chinese don’t, so they enacted policies more than a decade ago to limit population increases. But like a drug addict, Wall Street needs greater and greater population to sustain its Ponzi scam. The 99 percent doesn’t need the growth, not at all.

The US population pretty much leveled out a few decades ago, and so that’s why most of the US population increase since then (over 90 percent) has come from immigration. Immigration, both legal and illegal, serves corporate and Wall Street interests in two ways; immigration keeps the population and mouths to feed growing, thereby serving the needs of Wall Street; and it puts downward pressure on the wages, salaries and other compensation of US citizens, and the difference between the old US wages and the new goes into the pockets of the 1 percent via higher corporate profits, dividends and share prices.

In other words, the quest for ever rising corporate profits are what drive the need for population and GNP growth. Yes, it’s all about more and more money for the 1 percent; the necessary ingredient to keep the Ponzi scheme known as Wall Street afloat and prosperous. But it does so while driving more and more of the 99 percent onto the poverty rolls because it’s nothing more than an income redistribution scam.

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