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There was a time when most everybody in the USA believed they could succeed by hard work and taking risks. Nowadays, Republicans no longer pretend to believe the myth. Mitt Romney’s comments about 47 percent of Americans show this to be true. “What Romney’s comments reveal is that the American Dream is dead, killed off by skepticism from the bottom up – by the 99% of lower-income and middle-class people who no longer believe in it – and by cynicism from the top down – by the 1%, top-earning people who don’t believe in it.”

The American dream has crumbled beneath a series of income redistribution scams brought about by government legislation, demanded of government by the 1 percent who control the purse strings of campaign finance. These scams include free trade treaties, tax breaks, investor bailouts, deregulation, privatization, lies, fraud, deceit, and lots more. All of these frauds were powered by a corporate news media, whose job it was to hoodwink the 99 percent into accepting these thinly disguised scams to redistribute income from themselves to the 1 percent, which is the only way to keep the parasite known as Wall Street from collapsing, and to keep the vast majority of stocks and bonds held by the 1 percent from sinking to values equal to, or nearly to, zero.

Now the US economy is lurching into the abyss, another Great Depression not far off; dreams are drying up, children are going hungry, opportunities are increasingly becoming non-existent (compared to 30 years ago), all of which are the results of 30 years of income redistribution scams that have swollen the income stolen by the 1 percent to 30 percent of the entire national income, up from about 7-8 percent thirty years ago. That means the demand for goods and services by the 99 percent has brought the economy to the brink of collapse, since they only possess 70 percent, compared to 92-93 percent of the total national income of 30 years ago.

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How ignorant is Wall Street Mitt the Twit Romney? Let’s see. He says 47 percent of Americans want government to take care of themselves, even though it’s the 1 percent who want government to take care of them. But who are these lazy, shiftless people that Mitt has viciously attacked with pure ignorance? More importantly, do the 47 percent of people attacked by Mitt pay no taxes other than no federal income taxes?

Payroll taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, state income taxes and tax credit schemes mean this headline figure is misleading. A giant chunk of the people are low income people, meaning for example, a family of five earning $50,000 a year. Another giant chunk are retired people, the so-called greatest generation. Some people know them as grandma and grandpa. Apparently, working hard but not earning much, and or having worked hard and saved for retirement, means, according to Mitt the Twit, that you’re lazy and want to live off of the government, just like Mitt Romney has.

Some of these very lazy, irresponsible, welfare queens include “six of the 400 US tax filers in 2009 with the highest adjusted gross income (at least $77m), who, according to Internal Revenue Service studies, paid no US income tax, and the 19,551 US households with income above $200,000 who owed no US or foreign income tax.” It goes without saying that many of these lazy asses also support Welfare Wall Street Mitt, so that they can get more income tax breaks.

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