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Elizabeth Warren, a middle class warrior, is running for the US senate in Massachusetts against Wall Street Senator Scott Brown. Warren is up by seven points in the latest polls by Suffolk University/7NEWS. Check out Warren in the video below. By the way, one of Brown’s closest allies in the senate is Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden, a jerk who has rigged the system in favor of Wall Street while voting to destroy the middle class whenever possible.

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The 10 Most Prosperous Nations in the World

Guess which nation isn’t rated among the top ten, especially if you consider the criteria listed below.

Prosperity extends beyond just material
wealth. It includes factors such as social
capital, effective governance, human
rights and liberties, health, opportunity,
security, and overall quality of life.
The purpose of the Prosperity Index
is to spark debate and to encourage
policymakers, scholars, the media,
and the interested public to take an
holistic view of prosperity and to better
understand how it is created.

Click below for the listing of over 140 nations.

The Most Prosperous Nations in the World–The Lagatum Prosperity Index

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Liberals question why poor voters who use public assistance still vote for Republicans who want to cut those very services. The real story, Gary Younge finds, is much more complicated. Click for the full story below.

Why Working Class People Vote For Republicans–the Guardian UK

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The People of Iceland Revolted Against the Banksters

The government of Iceland invested in worthless home mortgage backed bonds. The government decided the people had to pay for the government’s stupidity. The people decided otherwise. The US media doesn’t want you to know what the people of iceland did.

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US economics, politics and income redistribution from the 99 to the 1 percent are one big rigged game. “Before the campaign contributors lavished billions of dollars on their favorite candidate; and long after they toast their winner or drink to forget their loser, Wall Street was already primed to continue its reign over the economy. For, after three debates (well, four), when it comes to banking, finance, and the ongoing subsidization of Wall Street, both presidential candidates and their parties’ attitudes toward the banking sector is similar – i.e. it must be preserved – as is – at all costs, rhetoric to the contrary, aside.”

Click the link below for more on this story.

How Wall Street Won the Election of 2012 Before a Vote Was Cast–Truthout.org

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NY Times endorses Obama, rips Romney’s ‘regressive’ policies (via Raw Story )

The New York Times on Saturday endorsed President Obama’s reelection bid, arguing in a lengthy op-ed that he offered far superior policies to Mitt Romney on virtually every important issue. Yet the paper not only endorsed Obama over his Republican challenger, but took every opportunity to denounce…


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What Would Jesus Say to Fox News Critics of Obama?

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