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Why does the Republican Party leadership keep pushing idiots for political offices? The answer is simple. On the national and state level, it’s a party completely controlled by a slice of the super-rich, and these people are completely out of touch with the rest of the nation.

A small group of billionaires, such as the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson, run the party. These people are rabidly anti-tax, anti-middle class warriors. These billionaires are the big money behind Grover Norquist, and they’re the guys that frighten Republican candidates into submission on the issues, not Norquist.

That’s why fewer and fewer sane and intelligent people are willing to run for national or state political office as Republicans. At the bottom of the barrel, there are plenty of stupid people willing to submit to the whims of these few and further their aspirations in the process. In other words, in the Republican Party, turds rise to the top because the cream flees from the Republican Party container due to the stench of their positions. That’s why we have a speaker of the House that is a former bug killer.

As these billionaires continue to veer more and more to the right for their personal gain, like the destruction of the self-sustaining Social Security Trust (i.e. meaning the privatization of Social Security, which is a code word for profitization of Social Security on behalf of themselves), lower tax rates for the rich that destroy jobs and the economy, etc….

Perhaps a recent article in the Washington Post said it best of the Republican Party, “It’s not just on the ideas side where the center of the GOP is moving. The rise of American Crossroads/Crossroads GPS as well as Americans for Prosperity — and a slew of other conservative-minded outside groups — have made them the major financial players in campaigns. Unlike political party committees, which are limited in the sort of donations they can accept, these outside groups can take unlimited checks from individuals.”

The billionaire money behind those groups are the driving force behind the far right and getting further right political positions and battle plans of the GOP and its candidates. None of these are good for the nation and the middle class.

The Republican Party is controlled insanely greedy billionaires, and that’s why they need to have really insane candidates.

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