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Perhaps the biggest corporate media myth about President Ronald Reagan is that he killed the Soviet Union. No, he did not.

President Harry Truman destroyed the Soviet Union. As president, Truman initiated the Containment Policy, which had been proposed by George Kennan, US diplomat. This policy was for the US to do whatever it took to keep communism from spreading. Kennan felt that doing so would cause the Soviet Union to collapse upon itself within fifty years. It did and right on schedule.

That’s right. A Democratic president set out to kill the USSR and he did it. Here’s how.

In the ashes of World War II, with the establishment of the Containment Policy, President Truman helped to establish the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), pushed the development of the nuclear bomb, stopped the communist advance in South Korea, established the perpetual war economy, ordered the Berlin Airlift, ordered the Marshall Plan which saved Western Europe from a communist takeover, established the Truman policy which saved Greece and Turkey from communist takeovers. The list goes on and on and on.

What did President Reagan do to bring down the Soviet Union? He ordered the continuation of a military buildup that had begun under President Jimmy Carter. Supposedly, according to right-wingers, trying to keep up with the buildup bankrupted the USSR. Doesn’t anybody think Carter should get credit for that? Or perhaps Al Queda should get credit because members of that group believe they broke the USSR by resisting the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. But the truth is that the Soviet Union was teetering thirty years earlier.

Soviet GNP peaked in 1968. The Containment Policy was working. And Truman’s policy polished off the Soviet Union a few decades later.

If you want to give President Reagan credit for something he deserved, then thank him for saving the Social Security Trust Fund. That’s credit he really does deserve.

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Trying to Screw a Nation?

If you want to destroy an economy, if you want to destroy a middle class, the best way to do that is to ship as many jobs as possible away. That’s what President Obama wants to do, apparently, since he is continuing the negotiations begun by President George W. Bush to do exactly this via the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), which the Guardian Newspaper of the UK calls NAFTA on Steroids.

Like all free trade treaties, it’s an income redistribution scam. These treaties ensure that high paying jobs are shipped away to low paying nations. The difference between the old higher wages and the new lower wages, as well as other savings (such as lower environmental and regulatory costs), is redistributed to the 1 percent from the 99 percent via higher corporate earnings, rising dividends and soaring share prices.

Obama is indebted to such Wall Street corporations as Goldman Sachs and Citibank. With the TPP, he will be paying them back, but he’s taking money from those whose jobs are being shipped overseas (such as call center workers, computer programmers, engineers, manufacturing workers, etc…), and this will weaken the tax base. Other income losers will be government workers, such as teachers, fire fighters, accountants, government lawyers, road workers, etc…. In addition, it should be pointed out that for every 70 workers who lose their jobs in manufacturing, there will be an additional 25 job loses for book keepers, accountants, computer techs, accountants, managerial staff, and everybody who works to support those 70 manufacturing workers. The numbers are similar for call-center operations, computer programmers, etc…. There are tons of support staff jobs that will follow the ships shipped overseas.

Do your kids have crowded classes? That’s because your tax base has been redistributed to the 1 percent which is best shown via the bold paragraph above.

As the Nation magazine notes, “The TPP has been cleverly misbranded as a trade agreement (yawn) by its corporate boosters. As a result, since George W. Bush initiated negotiations in 2008, it has cruised along under the radar. The Obama administration initially paused the talks, ostensibly to develop a new approach compatible with candidate Obama’s pledges to replace the old NAFTA-based trade model. But by late 2009, talks restarted just where Bush had left off.

Since then, US negotiators have proposed new rights for Big Pharma and pushed into the text aspects of the Stop Online Piracy Act, which would limit Internet freedom, despite the derailing of SOPA in Congress earlier this year thanks to public activism. In June a text of the TPP investment chapter was leaked, revealing that US negotiators are even pushing to expand NAFTA’s notorious corporate tribunals, which have been used to attack domestic public interest laws.”

Therefore, the president is not only planning on using the TPP to redistribute income from the 99 percent to his Wall Street cronies, he is plotting to take away more of your rights as US citizens and redistributing those rights to Wall Street.

As the Guardian of the UK reports, “In reality, the deal has almost nothing to do with trade: actual trade barriers between these countries are already very low. The TPP is an effort to use the holy grail of free trade to impose conditions and override domestic laws in a way that would be almost impossible if the proposed measures had to go through the normal legislative process. The expectation is that by lining up powerful corporate interests, the governments will be able to ram this new “free trade” pact through legislatures on a take-it-or-leave-it basis.’

Right now, the 1 percent receive over 30 percent of all the income in the US, compared to about 8 percent in 1980. That means the 99 percent receive about 69 percent of the total national income, compared to 92 percent thirty-three years ago. Jobs are scarce, the US economy is teetering on the abyss of banana republic status because the 99 percent have less money to purchase stuff compared to 1980. That’s why there are less jobs. The tax base has been wrecked by free trade treaties, which is why the federal deficit is so high. All of this are simple concepts and your president understands them, but he has political debts to pay, and if it means destroying the wreck of a once great economy, so be it.

Click the link below for more on the Trans Pacific Partnership.

nafta on steroids–the nation

The free trade agreement that is not about free trade–the guardian UK

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