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Are Paid Sick Days A Good Thing?

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Here’s the first fact.

The economic recovery is in short supply, although demand is much higher for the jobs that should come with any recovery. Note that supply is far less than demand. Supply and demand can never reach an equilibrium in this case. That’s because income distribution and redistribution is a function of political power. The one percent has it, the 99 does not. In other words, demand can never equal supply because one small group has purchased the political favors of the nation’s most powerful politicians. I.E. the 1 percent own the political markets, lock, stock and barrel. This includes conservative Senator Orrin Hatch of Wall Street, and liberal Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden.

On behalf of Wall Street billionaires, these two senators (like perhaps 83 of 98 other senators) have two objectives. One is to side with their respective constituents of the 99 percent on all social issues, at least on the soapbox. The second is to financially rape the 99 percent on behalf of the 1 percent via federal legislation, such as free trade treaties. They use the social issues to divide the nation and to divert the attention of the 99 percent away from the legislation these senator’s support that redistributes income from the 99 to the 1 percent. In effect, their jobs are to financially rape the 99 percent and redistribute income to the 1 percent, their masters. And they’ve been doing it for decades.

Research by economist Emmanuel Saez shows that the top 1 percent has enjoyed income growth of over 11 percent since the official end of the recession, back in 2009. The other 99 percent hasn’t fared so well, seeing a 0.4 percent decline in income. That’s because income is being redistributed to the 1 percent from the 99 percent. Thank you senators Hatch and Wyden.

The top 10 percent of earners hauled in 46.5 percent of all income in 2011, the highest proportion since 1917 – and that doesn’t even include money earned from investments. The rich have benefited from favorable tax status, the rise in stock prices and the purchase of politicians such as Hatch and Wyden, while the rest of us have been hit with a continuing unemployment crisis that has kept wages down. Saez believes this trend will continue in 2013, but he is wrong. This trend will continue until a political revolution begins. The United States is heading toward banana republic status and will continue on this trajectory for the immediate future.

Click the link below for the other 8 facts that will make your head boil. And remember, these things were caused by Wyden and Hatch and roughly 83 other senators, plus hundreds of congressmen and women, and every president since and possibly including Jimmy Carter.

Nine economic facts that will make your head spin

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