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High Tech/Wall Street Senator Orrin Hatch is pushing Congress to expand programs to attract skilled foreign workers. The high tech industry claims “that foreign students graduating from U.S. universities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are typically “the best and the brightest,” i.e., exceptionally talented innovators in their fields.” That’s a lie. There is no evidence supporting the claim of the industry, or of the lying Hatch.

According to a study by the Economic Policy Institute, “The assertion that the foreign graduates offer superior skills or ability relative to U.S. graduates is found not to be supported by the data:

On a variety of measures, the former foreign students have talent lesser than, or equal to, their American peers.
Skilled-foreign-worker programs are causing an internal brain drain in the United States.”

Hatch is simply engaging in class warfare on behalf of his corporate masters. There is no need to expand the H1B visa since most of the jobs offered by the top ten high tech firms that use those visas outsource or offshore the vast majority of the jobs filled by users of the H1B visa.

By the way, if somebody showed Hatch the lie of his position, he wouldn’t change it to reflect reality. That’s not what Wall Street and the High Tech Industry pay him for. They pay him to enact legislation that financially rapes the American people on behalf of the 1 percent. He does it well.

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Foreign tech students are not the best or the brightest, Americans are–Economic Policy Institute

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It’s all about government corruption. Who owns your senator? Who owns your congressman or congresswoman? Who owns your president? Oh, wait a minute! My bad! You don’t own them, so they’re not yours. Only a few rich people and their corporations have enough money to buy politicians.

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Ilegal Immigration: Big Business! How Private Prisons are Gaming the System

According to the Nation Magazine, “Thirty years ago in January, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), now the biggest operator of private prisons in the world, opened its first prison, a federal immigrant detention center in Houston, Texas. Three Decades of Service to America, a page on the company’s website, features a video interview with the company’s founders looking back on that first contract. “We saw this big ol’ sign, ‘Olympic Motel,’ made an offer to lease the motel for four months,” recalls Don Hutto, who chuckles with fellow co-founder Tom Beasley, the former chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party, as they remember hastily converting the building and staffing it with family members. The night of Super Bowl Sunday, “we got our first day’s pay for eighty-seven undocumented aliens,” says Hutto, who even fingerprinted the inmates himself.”

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How Private Prisons are Gaming the System

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