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As of March 4 2013, Wall Street President Barack Hussein Obama was talking to Republicans about cutting Social Security payments to your grandparents in order to preserve Big Oil‘s $52 billion annual federal entitlement program, and also of finding ways of making the affluent richer by pretending to do things he has no intention of doing. He’s also negotiating to reduce Medicare.

As the president knows, the Social Security Trust Fund has a surplus of $2.7 trillion that collects $120 billion a year in interest. Obviously, this program doesn’t contribute to the deficit at all. So why is Wall Street’s current president negotiating to cut what minimal payments the elderly receive from the program that they paid into?

Supposedly, the president is also negotiating raising taxes on the already rich, the top five percent, but like a good Wall Street Republican in disguise, which is the same as saying he’s a corporate Democrat, the president will most likely either cave in to Republican demands for no tax increases on the rich, or perhaps he will negotiate to ensure that enough tax loopholes exist in any agreement, that the rich pay no more in taxes that they do now, or more than likely, they’ll pay less. It’ll be good theater, no doubt.

Obama supports the Bowles-Simpson proposal as a means to reduce the deficit. Erskine Bowles is a member of the Board of Directors of Wall Street investment bank Morgan Stanley. Simpson is a former GOP senator from Wyoming and a big time supporter of Wall Street. That tells you all you need to know.

In other words, the president may be looking to redistribute income from your grandparents on their fixed incomes to the top 1 percent as a way of cutting the federal deficit. By the way, Republicans like this income redistribution scam since they play this game all the time.

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Big Oil buys politicians with that $52 billion a year in government welfare they receive. They own Senator Mitch McConnell and tons of other politicians. Much of that money also goes toward CEO pay, reimbursing already rich members of their boards for participating in meetings sometimes to the tune of $50,000 an hour, or more. The welfare these companies receive also goes toward pushing profits higher, which sends dividends surging and share prices up. This taxpayer money is also used to purchase non-elected government officials and ensures that those officials will never enforce government laws against oil monopolies, which allows oil prices to be increased whenever the big oil corporations decide in tandem to jack up prices. Yes, that $2.4 billion in government welfare buys a lot: more money for the 1 percent, government corruption at all levels and higher prices at the pump for the 99 percent. In other words, these welfare payments are used to redistribute money from the 99 to the 1 percent. That’s your taxpayer money at work. By the way, did anybody mention that teachers are overworked and underpaid? I wonder why?

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The US corporate press dutifully castigated Venezuela President Hugo Chavez whenever possible. There were several reasons why and most of them are in the poster below. In addition to those reasons, Chavez stood up to Big Oil and nationalized the oil industry, stood up to to rich vested interests of his own nation, survived a US backed coup, won honest elections (unlike George W. Bush), established universal health care for his nation, and because of all of this Wall Street hated him. He was the great threat to US corporatism. What US president since Franklin Roosevelt can boast of any of those accomplishments, as well as those below?

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