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For almost twenty years, Martin Jay Levitt spent 19 years managed 250 union-busting campaigns for corporations around the country. How talented was he? His record was 245 wins and 5 losses.

“In the below video, “Confessions of a Union Buster,” Levitt shares his experience and trade secrets with 27,000 flight attendants at Delta Airlines who will begin voting Sept. 29 on forming a union with the Flight Attendants/CWA (AFA/CWA).

Two of the main pillars of an anti-union campaign says Levitt, are misinformation and fear. Charter school teachers, from New York to Illinois to California, will find much of this playbook familiar.”


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How Class Warfare is Waged in the USA

How Class Warfare is Waged in the USA

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As the chart below shows, the vast majority of American citizens want US corporations to pay more in taxes. They can since they’re getting record profits year after year. But is that ever going to happen outside of a major political revolution? Not likely.

Wall Street owns 80 percent of the Democratic Party, include the head honcho, President Barack Obama. Wall Street also owns the entire Republican Party, so it isn’t going to happen there.

A real increase in the amount of taxes corporations pay will reduce corporate earnings. This will lower share prices and maybe even negatively impact corporate bond prices. None of this is good for Wall Street and the 1 percent since share prices must go up and up. Otherwise, the entire Ponzi scheme known as Wall Street will collapse, as it did during the Great Depression.

The Public Be Damned! Where the public stands of corporate tax reform and what Obama, the Democrats and the Republicans intend to do about it.

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