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Bill Moyers: Congress on the Leash


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Torture is all about corporate profits for the 1 percent. It’s a big welfare program for the rich. Much of the US torture taking place around the world is under the direction of US corporations, which are called contractors, which is short for mercenaries. In fact, the torture corporations “that supplied the interrogators and interpreters” and who ordered the torture of prisoners, continue “to reap billions in federal contracts” and have seen “their stock prices rise.” In a nut shell, that’s what torture is all about. Profits before people, and Obama knows all of this.

The US Constitution expressly uses the word “persons.” It doesn’t use the word “citizen” in either its singular or plural meaning. Yet somehow the Koch Brothers wing of the US Supreme Court has ruled that if the US government says you’re a suspect in terror, then it can torture you, regardless if you’re a person. Why? Because it’s profitable and an income redistribution scam from the 99 to the 1 percent.

The only redress victims of US corporate torture have is in civil courts. “Recently, in a case called Al-Quraishi v. Nakhla, filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), 71 survivors of US torture received a $5.28 million settlement – the first time a private military contractor has been held accountable in any fashion for its role in torture. Another CCR case, Al Shimari v. CACI, filed on behalf of four Abu Ghraib survivors of torture, is currently proceeding in federal court. With the discovery phase of the litigation completed, Al Shimari may mark the first time a case against a private military contractor for torture goes to trial.”

Check out the story in the link below.

Seeking Corporate Accountability for Crimes at Abu Ghraib — Truthout.org

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