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Senator Elizabeth Warren wrote a letter to the corrupt Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. She “demanded to know why the government keeps accepting financial settlements from criminal bankers when they could instead be taken to trial, convicted and locked up.”

The letter was also sent to corrupt US Attorney General Eric Holder, the person most capable and completely unwilling to deal with the crimes of Wall Street. SEC Chair Mary Jo White also received a copy.

Senator Warren put the matter bluntly, “..…I believe very strongly that if a regulator reveals itself to be unwilling to take large financial institutions all the way to trial — either because it is too timid or because it lacks resources — the regulator has a lot less leverage in settlement negotiations and will be forced to settle on terms that are much more favorable to the wrongdoer.

The consequence can be insufficient compensation to those who are harmed by illegal activity and inadequate deterrence of future violations. If large financial institutions can break the law and accumulate millions in profits and, if they get caught, settle by paying out of those profits, they do not have much incentive to follow the law.”

In other words, Wall Street banks rip off main street citizens, make big profits in the process, and then get assessed tiny penalties that are paid for with the money they stole from us. Doesn’t sound like much of a deal for the 99 percent to me. It’s a scam aided and abetted by the federal government.

We all know the answers to the problems outlined by Warren. The US government has been completely corrupted by big money, through both chambers of congress, both political parties, the white house, and all the way to both liberal and conservative wings of the US Supreme Court. That’s why and how the whole economic game has been legislatively rigged against the 99 percent. Elizabeth Warren is our champion.

The letter is below. It should also have been addressed to Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden, as well as Wall Street President Barack Obama.

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