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He was the worst president in US history, he also was the most incompetent and perhaps the most corrupt president in US history. And so the crowd waits eagerly for the unveiling of his statue.

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Why is President Obama so adamant about going after government whistle blowers, while making no effort at all at going after the crooks on Wall Street who tanked the economy? The answer is simple. Obama serves corporate interests, that includes Wall Street. Government whistle blowers are a threat to the corporate/government symbiotic chain of profits that redistributes income from working folks to the 1 percent via Wall Street and taxpayers.

Why doesn’t Obama close down the torture chambers at Guantanamo? Because it’s profitable to the private companies that operate the facilities. Likewise, why is Wall Street interests such a heavy influence in Comprehensive Immigration Reform? The answer is those folks are in it for profits at the expense of everybody else. And so it goes in all sectors of the Federal Government. The quest for private sector profits are determining national policies ranging from the above to federal education policy to whether or not we go to war. The interests of ever expanding profits are more important than people.

The same is true with both ideological sides of the corrupt US Supreme Court. The conservative side is always siding with the Koch Brothers, and the liberal side decided that the government can tax us for not buying health care via legislation that was written by the health insurance companies, which opens the door to other things we could be forced to buy, or else get taxed for not buying it.

In other words, Obama, like almost all Republicans, 80 percent of Democrats, President George W. Bush and many others, is letting the quest for profits determine national policies in almost all areas of American life.

Whistle blowers can reveal information that might prove what is already obvious, but the details might prove even more embarrassing to the administration, to the corrupt congress, to both corrupt political parties, as well as the corrupt corporate media that intends to side with the corrupt federal government . That’s why the whistle blowers need to be stopped. They’re bad for business, and the business of the US government is to make the rich wealthier at the expense of us all regardless of how many laws are broken by Obama’s Wall Street cronies.

Check out the links below for Comedian Jon Stewart’s comments on the issue.

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