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The US Game of Plutocracy


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Enough citizens of Switzerland have signed a petition demanding that the government ensure a minimum monthly income of nearly $2,800 (2,500 Swiss francs) for all adults in the country.

120,000 signatures was sufficient to formally call a vote in the government over whether or not to approve the “CHF 2,500 monthly for everyone” funding proposal. By everyone, they mean all adults. For comparison, the average U.S. worker earned $3,769 in pre-tax, monthly salary in 2011. Food service industry workers earned $1,785 in pre-tax income during the same period.

Last month, another petition was advanced to limit CEO pay by tying it to whatever the lowest paid employee of a company earns. That will be decided by referendum. Most of the CEO’s of Switzerland’s major corporations, such as Nestle, have voiced their opposition to this bill.

In the photo above, supporters of the bill poured 8 million nickels, enough for each one to represent a citizen of Switzerland.


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