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“Something is happening. It’s beginning to look as if the fight for a livable minimum wage might – just might – alter our political future.

Makes sense, when you think about it. The minimum wage struggle is occurring at the intersection of powerful forces. It’s taking place at a time of growing economic inequality, the erosion of working people’s rights and the globalization of an economic oligarchy whose scope of power is unprecedented in modern times.

And now it appears to be applying an old maxim from the early days of the environmental movement: Think globally, act locally.”

The 1 percent might be able to dictate governmental policy, for the most part, but they can’t stop the voters from voting, although they continue to try with voter suppression laws, and the voters like the idea of raising the minimum wage around the nation.

Check out the story below at Billmoyers.com.

“Thinking Globally, Acting Locally” In the Minimum Wage Fight | Activism, What Matters Today | BillMoyers.com.

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