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Nurses and tech workers are on strike and locked out at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital in New London, Connecticut. That shows the incompetence of management whose slogan must go something like this, “Let’s provide patient care without the patient care providers.”

The nurses are on strike to protect the quality of patient care, while management wants to bust unions and privatize jobs. We all know what privatization means; lower pay for workers, lower care for patients, and higher profits for the company running the privatization scam, and any of their shareholders of the 1 percent. In other words, the privatization scam is an income redistribution scam, and one has to wonder if members of the management team, including top dog, Bruce D. Cummings, at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital are receiving under the table incentives from the privatization companies. The same question arises about the members of the board of directors when wondering about their role in this mess.

Check out the story by clicking on the link below.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital Nurses Locked Out

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