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We are extremely close to losing our democracy to “a mercenary class,” the uber rich, according to Bill Moyers. The super rich, parasites of Wall Street, parasites of the 1 percent, whatever you want to call them, but never make the mistake of calling them the “elite,” unless it’s “elite parasites,” because parasites are precisely what they are. It’s what they do; they use their financial muscle to corrupt government, to buy legislation that redistributes income from the 99 to the 1 percent, to ship our jobs away, to steal our tax base from us, to up the price of student loans to their benefit, to manipulate prices upward, to wage war for ever increasing profits, and so much more, and all to keep their Ponzi scheme known as Wall Street from collapsing. There is nothing elite about that.

Click on the link below for an article on this subject by Bill Moyers.

the-great-american-class-war-plutocracy-versus-democracy–Bill Moyers

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