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Form the Guardian newspaper.

“A federal judge in Washington ruled on Monday that the bulk collection of Americans’ telephone records by the National Security Agency is likely to violate the US constitution, in the most significant legal setback for the agency since the publication of the first surveillance disclosures by the whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Judge Richard Leon declared that the mass collection of metadata probably violates the fourth amendment, which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures, and was “almost Orwellian” in its scope. In a judgment replete with literary swipes against the NSA, he said James Madison, the architect of the US constitution, would be “aghast” at the scope of the agency’s collection of Americans’ communications data.”

This program is blatantly illegal and in violation of the Fourth Amendment. However, the program redistributes billions of dollars of taxpayer money to rich political contributers via the contracting of these illegal activities. Therefore, it is possible President Obama will ignore this ruling, and any further rulings, and simply pretend the program no longer exists. In that way, the money can continued to be redistributed to the 1 percent. This program is the epitomy of political corruption in the United States.

nsa-phone-surveillance-likely-unconstitutional-judge–The Guardian UK

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Congress and the presidents over the decades have granted legislation that grant the super rich parasites of the 1 percent (the top 0.001 percent) enough tax loopholes to avoid paying taxes of about $100 billion a year. These loopholes aren’t accidents. They’re the deliberate tricks used by Wall Street legislators, such as Wall Street Sentor Ron Wyden, to receive more and more campaign contributions, and nice perks, such as jobs after they’re out of office, and millions of dollars of speaking fees. Some of these people are likely receiving payments for legislative services under the table while in office. Corruption is rampant in Washington D.C.

Check out the story below.

accidental-tax-break-saves-wealthiest-americans-100-billion–Bloomberg News

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