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If genetically modified organisms are so healthy, why don’t the corporations that manufacture them (Such as Monsanto), and use them in the food they sell us (such as General Mills, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi), why don’t they want us to know they’re in our food?

Answer: In independent test after test and for over two decades, studies show GMOs cause tumors, severe liver problems, and other health issues in rats, sterility in hamsters, and they have killed cattle within two days of them consuming GMOs, among other things. And there are lots of other things! In other words, companies like General Mills, Coca-cola, and Pepsi are putting Monsanto’s rat poison in the food they sell us, and they don’t want us to know.

By the way, many politicians support the GMO industry. A short list include president’s Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Wall Street’s Goon, Senator Ron Wyden. The US government is a cesspool of corruption.


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