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The conservative economic worldwide is both a lie and a disaster. The end result of thirty years of conservative economic dogma has lead the world to massive worldwide inequality, which is precisely the opposite of what the proponents of free trade, privatization and other conservative points-of-view said would occur. That’s because those who advocated those policies knew they were lying.

We’re also sitting on the brink of a looming economic disaster. Nothing like it has been seen in eighty years, which, not so amazingly, was the disaster called the Great Depression, which was nothing more than a product of conservative economic schemes. Surprise! Surprise!

The latest conservative attack against economic reality began with the Lewis Powell memo, which was distributed by the corporate US Chamber of Commerce in 1971. The memo became the corporate game plan to change the US economy from one which produced goods, and whose bounty was widely distributed to the underlying population, to one based on financial scams that benefit only the rich, and whose bounty has been distributed only to the super rich. So the rich concocted schemes (such as trickle down economics, free trade scams, privatization scams, etc…) they knew would not benefit the most people, but only the rich.

Republican and Democratic politicians quickly accepted these schemes on behalf of Wall Street and the rest of the corporate elite. The result has been massive poverty throughout the world.

Check out the result in the story below.

Spotlight on Worldwide Inequality–https://johnhively.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php?cap#capTruthout.org


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