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United States Senator Bernie Sanders easily explains the relationship between Wall Street and Congress above. Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden is a prime example of what Sanders is speaking of.

Senator Wyden was elected to do the bidding of the people of Oregon on the senate floor, and before that he was a member of the US House of Representatives. However, on all economic matters where the desires and interests of Wall Street diverge from the desires and interests of the majority of Oregonians, Wall Street Ronnie has always voted for Wall Street. He is the proud owner of a 100 percent voting record on this. Here’s what makes this record incredible. He doesn’t need to do this. He’s in a safe liberal district. In order to maintain this incredible voting record on behalf of Wall Street, Wyden has carefully cultivated a false image of himself with the help of the corporate propaganda media at making himself look like a liberal.

If the majority of the voting people of Oregon discovered that Wyden has a 100 percent record of voting to redistribute income from the 99 to the 1 percent, they would readily vote him out of office.

It’s a slow process but more and more people are coming to understand his real record, despite the best attempts of the Oregonian newspaper to misrepresent Wyden and his actions to the people of Oregon.

I’ve been to many churches over the last several months talking about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a giant trade treaty that will redistribute massive amounts of income from the 99 to the 1 percent. Wyden, like Wall Street, supports the TPP. However, people at my presentations are shocked when they hear that Wyden has a 100 percent record of voting to redistribute their jobs, their tax bases for schools, fire, social safety nets, the police and countless other public necessities to the 1 percent, and that supports doing this even more via the TPP. But they are learning the real truth about Wall Street Ron Wyden.

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