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In the video below, John Stewart mocks the lies of Wall Street Supreme Court Chief Non-Justice John “Corruption Personified” Roberts, Wall Street Supreme Court Non-Justice Samuel (Corruption Personified) Alito, and Wall Street Senator Mitch (Absolute Corruption for the 1 Percent) McConnell over the recent Supreme Court decision that overturned campaign finance legal precedence and allowed the rich to get more politically and economically powerful at the expense of the 99 percent, the Constitution and democracy. In other words, Roberts and Alito, on behalf of their Wall Street masters, continued to do their job of rigging the game as much as possible against the 99 percent. The Supreme Court of the United States has been a cesspool of corruption for about 15 years now, and especially since Alito, Roberts, Antonin Scalia, and Clarence Thomas came aboard.

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