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The only purpose of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is to redistribute income from the 99 to the 1 percent, override local and state laws, insulate Wall Street investment firms from federal regulations, jack up prices on the 99 percent, and a lot more. None of it is good for the United States, but it is all good for the 1 percent and Wall Street. That’s precisely why Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden supports this monstrous and misnamed free trade treaty.

From Oregon Fair Trade,

“This May Day, Thursday May 1st 2014, join us in celebrating international movements to improve the quality of life for working people around the globe by fighting race-to-the-bottom free trade agreements.

As you may know, Senator Wyden just took over as Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, a powerful position that gives him a deciding role in shaping trade policy. The Trans-Pacific Partnership, a massive free trade agreement, is a major threat to workers across the globe – making it easier for corporations to shift jobs to wherever labor is cheapest and workers are most vulnerable.

Senator Wyden is getting pressure from the Chamber of Commerce and New Democrats to “Fast Track” this secret trade deal through Congress with no debate, no transparency, and no public process. He is clearly listening to this pressure because he recently announced at a meeting with the American Apparel & Footwear Association, a plan for a repackaged version of “Fast Track” which he is calling “Smart Track.” No matter how it’s packaged, Fast Track is completely inappropriate.

This May Day, Senator Ron Wyden will hold his first trade hearing as the new Senate Finance Chair. His witness is none other than U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman — the man in the White House who refuses to tell the American public what his office has been proposing for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in our names.

Please urge Senator Wyden to use Thursday’s hearing to demand that Ambassador Froman release the TPP texts for public scrutiny by clicking here to him a message!

Senate Finance Chair Wyden’s First Trade Hearing–click here to send Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden to ask that he demand that the U.S. Trade Representative release Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) texts for public scruitny.

Another way you can take action is to join us, May 1st, 2014 for the Portland May Day Rally and March in the South Park Blocks (SW Salmon and SW 9th Ave, Portland, OR). We will have a coloring contest for all ages. Send a message to your elected representative! Save the World – Stop Fast Track! Everyone wins delicious fair trade chocolate donated by Equal Exchange worker co-op!

And remember, fighting free trade agreements is an act of cross-border solidarity. Thank you for all you do for workers’ rights.”

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