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A few days ago, US Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden, who is supposed to be one of the two senators from Oregon, but who votes 100 percent of the time to redistribute the income of the 99 percent of those citizens to Wall Street fat cats and other members of the 1 percent, “outlined his goals for modern trade policy at a hearing with U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman.” Froman is loved by Wall Street executives. “Wyden said the rapidly evolving global economy requires a trade approach designed to address contemporary challenges. A key litmus test, Wyden said, will be whether USTR enhances transparency in trade negotiations so the public’s voice has a role.”

“Too often, there is trade secrecy instead of trade transparency. Bringing the American people into full and open debates on trade agreements that have the effect of law is not too much to ask,” Wyden said. “We need to establish new rules that address today’s economic challenges and pass the test of producing good-paying American jobs.”

This is an incredibly odd statement since Wyden has supported the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) despite the top notch secrecy during the negotiations over the last four years. He also has supported other secret trade agreements. However, during a series of town halls recently, the citizens of Oregon have voiced their concerns to Wyden over the TPP and the devastating impact on the middle class that the TPP has been negotiated by Froman and his predecessor to achieve.

In other words, Wyden sounds a lot like a politician who is paying lip service to the concerns of citizens in order to protect his job security. But the moment will, no doubt, arise when Wyden casts away all doubts about the TPP and the lack of transparency in the negotiations, and he’ll send it out of the Finance committee and vote for it.

Wyden has voted 100 percent of the time to ship American jobs overseas. So don’t believe him in the video above when he says that any trade treaty should protect American workers and jobs. We can all agree with that, but we know that based on his voting record, Ron Wyden cares only about exporting jobs. That’s because when jobs are exported, the difference between the old US wages and the new lower overseas wages goes straight into the already fat wallets of the 1 percent. Exporting jobs and opportunities for the middle class to the 1 percent is precisely how the rich have gotten richer over the last thirty-four years, while the rest of us have gotten poorer for it. Wyden is a keen supporter of redistributing income in this direction.

The guess here is that Wyden is simply biding his time until President Obama, Wyden, corporate Democrats, the US Chamber of Commerce, the Koch Brothers, and the leadership of the national Republican Party agree on a public relations strategy and campaign to turn public opinion positive toward the TPP.

In other words, the TPP isn’t dead, not yet anyway. There will be a big push after this years congressional elections to get congressional approval for the TPP. So be diligent. Keep the pressure on Wyden and other congress people because Wall Street loves this treaty. So late this autumn, expect Wall Street Wyden to disrobe himself of his sheeps clothing, and magically transform into the wolf of Wall Street. Then watch him attempt to redistribute income and political power from the 99 to the 1 percent via the TPP.

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