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The butter’s above are loaded with GMOs, which are poisons. They’re loaded with the Bt toxin. This toxin is embedded into plants. When bugs bite into the plants, the toxin makes their stomachs grow until the bugs explode. 93 percent of all women tested for the Bt toxin have the toxin in their uterus. Studies haven’t shown what the toxin does in the human body. However, all independent studies show dire health consequences due to GMOs. A non-independent study, a GMO corporation called Syngenta tested its GMO laced cattle feed on cows and the cows quickly died. The folks at Syngenta covered up the results of its own study and still sold the grain to unsuspecting cattle ranchers. When the ranchers sued after their cattle died, the folks at Syngenta lied under oath. Later, information about the test cattle dying came out and Syngenta was again sued. That case is now pending in a German court. But think about. The CEOs of Syngenta put GMO grain on the market they knew would kill cattle. Those folks must have a wonderful sense of morals and values.

Click on the link below to find out more about the case in Germany. GMO Corn: Killing the Cows Whose Milk We Drink–JohnHively.wordpress.com

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