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Last week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to advance a proposal that critics call a threat to a free and open Internet. Hundreds of protesters rallied outside the FCC to protest a plan that could allow Internet “fast lanes” by letting companies pay providers for faster access to consumers. The agency will allow 120 days of public comment before issuing final rules.

The Internet is the high speed information highway that ordinary people use to share news and opinions outside of the corporate mainstream media. Ending the way things are with the Internet, which is called Internet freedom, and putting a price on the use of the Internet higher than is the current case, means an end to alternative news and commentary. And let’s face it. That’s precisely what the corporate media and the 1 percent want.

President Barack Obama appointed and swore in all of the commissioners on the FCC. The president has been attempting the end Internet neutrality for the last two years, as if he is a corporate Republican. My ex-wife rightly calls him a Republican to the right of Ronald Reagan on all economic matters.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler was nominated and sworn in by Obama. His biography from the FCC website says all you need to know about him,

“Prior to joining the FCC, Chairman Wheeler was Managing Director at Core Capital Partners, a venture capital firm investing in early stage Internet Protocol (IP)-based companies. He served as President and CEO of Shiloh Group, LLC, a strategy development and private investment company specializing in telecommunications services and co-founded SmartBrief, the internet’s largest electronic information service for vertical markets. From 1976 to 1984, Chairman Wheeler was associated with the National Cable Television Association (NCTA), where he was President and CEO from 1979 to 1984. Following NCTA, Chairman Wheeler was CEO of several high tech companies, including the first company to offer high speed delivery of data to home computers and the first digital video satellite service. From 1992 to 2004, Chairman Wheeler served as President and CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA).”

A venture capital firm is an investment company. Typically, only the 1 percent has the money to invest. So Wheeler is serving the 1 percent as chairman of the FCC, as well as himself. There’s no telling how much money Wheeler or Core Capital is going to steal from the rest of us through higher prices and less information. Yes, ending net neutrality is an income redistribution scam.

Luckily, the 99 percent have Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden to fight for Internet neutrality. However, if he really fights against this, it’s because of his loyalty to Google and Yahoo! share prices, management and shareholders, and not the 99 percent he’s supposed to represent.

Coincidentally, this type of information is not offered by the corporate news media, and if Wheeler’s proposal goes into effect, it will cost you big bucks to go to the FCC website to get the above information about Wheeler, which, coincidentally, happens to be what Wheeler, Obama, Wall Street, the Republican Party, 80 percent of the Democratic Party (most likely including Wyden since he serves the 1 percent only), the Koch brothers, and the rest of the 1 percent, desire.

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