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Fifty years ago General Motors was the biggest employer in the United States. Nowadays, Walmart is the biggest employer. Fifty years ago, the 1 percent stole only 8 percent of all the nation’s income. Nowadays, it’s over thirty percent. That mal-distribution of income difference is why there’s such a big pay differential between what workers earned at GM then and what they earn now at Walmart. What a difference fifty years has made. By the way, the art museum mentioned by Maher above was never intended to be something that benefits people, it was built to serve as a monument to the Walmart lady, and for no other reason. It is, as the economist Thorstein Veblen once said, “conspicuous consumption,” intended to demonstrate ones accumulated wealth and their presumptive place in the human pecking order. Building the monument to herself made a difference to no one except the Walmart lady’s social standing. What a nitwit! She is a crass example of Blind Stupidity and proves that turds rise, or are carried, to the top.

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