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“Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) called for an end to a tax loophole that lets corporations that renounce U.S. citizenship to dodge taxes. “’These companies are renouncing their American citizenship, turning their backs on this country, simply to boost their profits,’” she said.

Corporations are citizens? The Corporate US Supreme Court has ruled that Exxon, Monsanto and Walmart Corporations and all the other US corporations are persons with all of the individual rights granted to “persons” under the US Constitution, but I did not know they were citizens, and I did not know Goldman Sachs Incorporated could renounce that screwed up concept of US citizenship in order to avoid taxes, but that’s how corrupt the US government has become since and because of the Reagan tax cuts. Corrupt to the core on behalf of the 1 percent.


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Labor Unions Do What?

The corporate news media never lets you know what a business corporation really is; it’s organized money, and that money is organized in order to control economic and political markets and to not compete against each other. That’s why President Franklin Roosevelt to organized money in the video below.

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There was an op-ed in the Oregonian newspaper written by a GMO sympathizer, and it was loaded with disinformation. For example, the author wrote,

“The “‘mounting evidence'” of harm is the result of a small number of highly contested papers…”

What the author doesn’t say is that the mounting evidence of harm is contested solely by the GMO corporations and their paid affiliates; and for the same reasons as when the tobacco corporations and their paid affiliates contested the mounting evidence that tobacco smoking caused cancer, even as the cancer deaths and the corporate profits soared over the decades.

Then, as now, the purpose of spending millions of dollars to contest the “mounting evidence” is to confuse and mislead the public about the health hazards of their products.

Most likely, the Oregonian newspaper will not print this rebuttal. The editors, of course, are in the habit of suppressing the mounting evidence of health hazards of GMOs.

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When China received most favored nation trade status, millions of American jobs were shipped there. Those jobs used to support the tax base for police, fire, education, road repair, and things like that. Now the income from those jobs have been redistributed from the 99 to the 1 percent via those trade treaties, and President Obama plans to do the same with the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the largest income redistribution treaty of all time in favor of the 1 percent, and often called “Nafta on Steroids by the Guardian newspaper.

To compensate for the loss of jobs to the US economy, President Obama plans to make things “Made in China” by US corporations that used to make things here “Made in the USA” by a crafty shift in the rules of what is and is not “Made in America.” If Obama gets his way, the US will increase its share of manufacturing by including those things made in China by US corporations that use their own Chinese facilities, as well as Chinese contractors and subcontractors.

That’s a step above what President George W. Bush proposed. He wanted to officially define hamburger flipping in the USA as manufacturing jobs, so as to increase the rapidly decreasing number of US manufacturing jobs, and fool a lot of people.

Obama plans to do the same thing, and its just as dumb and corrupt as Bush’s idea.

This proposal and Obama’s desire to make the TPP law this November, also shows that the president has never been serious about increasing manufacturing jobs (or growing any jobs at all) in the US through changes in the tax codes or any other incentives to US corporations. And neither was Bush.

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On July 18, thousands of people marched in Detroit to stop water shutoffs by a private company that manages the city’s water system.

The city of Detroit went bankrupt many months ago, thanks to the federal (and state government of Michigan) enacting legislation championed by Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden and many other class warriors of the 1 percent ensconced in congress.

The result has been a massive shipment of jobs overseas via free trade treaties. When jobs are shipped overseas, and Wyden is not the dumb dumb he pretends to be on this issue, the difference between the old higher US wages and the new lower overseas wages is redistributed to the 1 percent via higher corporate profits, rising dividends and surging share prices. It also redistributes the tax dollars those shipped jobs once supported in the USA straight into the pockets of the rich, leaving schools, fire, police, road maintenance and other government services crippled, which is why Detroit went bankrupt. Thank you Wall Street Senator Wyden!

These legislative policies have left the people of Detroit poor, and let’s face it, Detroit was once one of the great manufacturing cities of the world until Wyden and others in congress shipped the jobs overseas. However, Wyden’s actions have generated massive income and wealth inequality via his income redistribution actions.

That’s the ultimate reason why many people in Detroit can’t pay their water bills, why the city went bankrupt, and why the Dow Jones and other financial markets are surging. It’s a rigged economic and political game. The problem with the people in Detroit is that all, or almost all, the democracy in the state and federal governments have already been purchased in the political markets.

For more on this story, click the link below.


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There is a straight forward relationship between tax cuts for the rich and growing income and wealth inequality. The conduit for financial inequality is the political markets. Tax cuts for the rich allowed them to corrupt the federal and state governments to the core. The rich used their ill gotten gains from Reagan’s tax cuts to purchase legislation in the political markets that redistribute income and wealth from people like you and me and “Aunt Millie” to the CEO’s and shareholders of corporations, namely the 1 percent. This legislation included free trade treaties that shipped jobs overseas, reducing labor costs while increasing profits. The legislation included privatization scams, deregulation schemes, and actions toward war, such as in Iraq, and Afghanistan, both of which are extremely profitable to the one percent. The rich also purchased the No Child Left Behind Act, which benefited only the major publishing corporations of educational books and tests, such as McGraw-Hil, and the McGraws have been neighbors and best friends of the Bush’s since the Great Depression. Yes, that’s precisely how corrupt President George W. Bush was. There are a ton more legislation that has been purchased by the one percent to redistribute income and wealth to themselves from the 99 percent, but I don’t have that much space. That’s why the economic and political markets are a rigged game.

The press has been a tool of the 1 percent, used to mislead and lie us into wars, deregulation, free trade agreements, privatization, anti-labor union tirades, as well as poisoning ourselves with GMOs by claiming they’re harmless, regardless of what all independent studies show. Yes, they lie to us a lot.

All of this corruption has sent the Dow Jones higher, as well as the NASDAQ and other financial markets. All of which benefits the 1 percent.

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From the American Journal of Public Health:

“Noncommunicable diseases result from consuming unhealthy products, including tobacco, which are promoted by transnational corporations. The tobacco industry uses preemption to block or reverse tobacco control policies. Preemption removes authority from jurisdictions where tobacco companies’ influence is weak and transfers it to jurisdictions where they have an advantage.

International trade agreements relocate decisions about tobacco control policy to venues where there is little opportunity for public scrutiny, participation, and debate. Tobacco companies are using these agreements to preempt domestic authority over tobacco policy. Other transnational corporations that profit by promoting unhealthy foods could do the same.

“Fast-track authority,” in which Congress cedes ongoing oversight authority to the President, further distances the public from the debate. With international agreements binding governments to prioritize trade over health, transparency and public oversight of the trade negotiation process is necessary to safeguard public health interests. (Am J Public Health. Published online ahead of print July 17, 2014: e1–e7. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2014.302014)” Bold words are mine.

The same legal precedents regarding health and tobacco are also true with GMOs. All studies independent of GMO corporate money show dire health impacts from GMO foods, such things as tumors, cancer, the obesity epidemic, food allergies, genital deformities, and much more. However, your government and the corporate media doesn’t want you to know that their food and GMO corporations are feeding you poison, which happens to enhance profit margins. Your government approves the trading of your health to increase the corporate profits of the 1 percent.

Leaks from the negotiations of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a highly secretive negotiated gem in the eyes of the 1 percent in their war against the middle class, shows that one of the aims of the GMO corporations, such as Monsanto, is to ensure the legal dictates of the TPP override any local, state or federal laws that require labeling foods that contain GMO poisons. In other words, your government is negotiating to cut your legal rights to gather signatures that might force a vote on whether or not people have a right to know if they’re eating poisons.

All of this goes to show how corrupt the US government and both political parties are; it’s called “corruption to the marrow of the bone,” and “democracy in name only.”

Good job President Obama. Good job Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden. Good job Wall Street senators Mitch McConnell and Orrin Hatch. Good job Congressman John Boehner. All of these guys and more are legislative field generals of the 1 percent in their war against the middle class.

Read More: http://ajph.aphapublications.org/doi/abs/10.2105/AJPH.2014.302014

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A friend named Sloan purchased a vacant lot in the city of Portland, Oregon for $120,000 in 2010. This year he was offered $210,000 for the same land. Okay, the housing bubble has been resurrected under President Obama, and just like President George W. Bush and President Bill Clinton and their housing bubble, our current president has no intention of doing a thing about it, even as Bush’s bubble wrecked the economy.

Why is Obama not doing anything about the bubble? Because Wall Street loves it, and whatever Wall Street loves, Obama seems to it love it just as much.

Wall Street investment banks such as Goldman Sachs purchase bonds backed by home mortgages to the tune of trillions of dollars. There is a lot of money in this. A rise in housing prices means a rise in bond prices. When the housing bubble peaks, it will only take an 8 percent drop in home prices for those bonds to become worthless, according to Michael Lewis in his book The Big Short.

Then the government will rescue those who are too big to fail, not that they are too big to fail in a business sense. Rather, they will be too big to fail in a political campaign contribution sense. And that’s why the current housing bubble is allowed to continue.

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