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Walmart Workers in Los Angeles Engaging in Sit Down Strike

Happening NOW: Dozens of police officers are arresting Walmart workers outside an LA store after they blocked the intersection. This is history in the making yet it’s not on ANY cable new channels.

Walmart workers are carrying on the legacy of Detroit Woolworth women who bravely staged sit-down strikes. Los Angeles Walmart workers earlier today (Nov 14, 2014) held the first big sit-down strike in a Walmart store.

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This is the income redistribution treaty Wall Street Republicans, such as Orrin Hatch, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are salivating over. This is the income redistribution treaty President Obama and Wall Street Democrats, such as Ron Wyden, are salivating over. The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP or TPPA) is the income redistribution treaty that is intended to destroy US democracy and destroy the US middle class.

By the way, there are a lot more bad things for the middle class going on than the video lets on, such as negotiators are pushing for higher pharmaceutical drug prices, and eliminating any local, county or state abilities to label GMOs. In other words, Obama and this gang of Republicans and Democrats intend to use this treaty to curtail your voting rights. President Obama, and Democrats in general, call this voter suppression.

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