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It all began with the Lewis Powell memo in 1971, which served as the battle plan for conservatives to wipe out democracy for the 100 percent. One of those things mentioned was to divide and conquer, and so the one percent began to divide us along social issues starting with Roe vs. Wade, so that they could take our attention away from legislation that robbed all of us, and redistributed our income and wealth to the 1 percent. The US slide from greatness began with President Ronald Reagan and his tax cuts for the rich, deregulation, and masses of other things that redistributed income from the 99 to the 1 percent. By 1988, the Republican party was a servant solely of corporate interests. By 1996, the corporate takeover of the Democratic party was mostly complete. By 2000, the US government was totally corrupt, and becoming more corrupted by big money, thanks to those tax cuts for the rich. Divide and conquer took the 1 percent a long way while impoverishing the rest of us. The 1 percent divided us in a thousand different ways;

* 1 vs. 99 percent
* Red state vs. Blue state
* abortion vs. anti-abortion
* gun rights vs. anti-gun rights
* rich vs. poor
* middle class vs. poor
* supporters of war vs. anti-war protesters
* undocumented immigrant vs. citizens
* GMO farmers vs. organic farmers
* labor union vs. anti-labor union
* black vs. white
* Hispanic vs. black
* etc, etc, etc….

The corporate press played it all up, played us like fools, smeared and engulfed us with division, until it drove division into our very soul of what and who we are as a nation. Rarely did the news media mention those things that each citizen had and have in common with each other, and that was because such issues weren’t in the plan. The plan was divide and conquer. They stuck with the plan. It worked. Now we on stand along the cliff of an economic and social disaster not far away.

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