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Run! Elizabeth! Run!

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Is President Obama really a liberal? Or is he, as some people claim, a tool of Wall Street’s biggest banks?

The proof is in his actions.

Nowadays, he talks loudly about free community college for Americans, but he didn’t talk like that when he could have done something for Americans, when he had majorities in the US house and senate. He didn’t talk about ending the embargo against Cuba until his party had lost the majorities of both houses of congresses. He didn’t even take executive action on undocumented immigrants until after the Republicans wiped out the Democrats last November.

He talks about a lot things that he once could have done, but now he can’t, which is perhaps why millions of Democratic voters stayed away from the polls last November, and why he’s talking big now that he can’t do anything, so as to get those voters back to the polls in 2016. Somebody should tell him talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

Here’s the problem the president has; actions do speak louder than words. The president is pushing the largest income redistribution scam in history, and he’s doing so in cahoots with the Republican Party leadership. Is that the real president? Is he Wall Street’s president?

The Trans Pacific Partnership will redistribute massive amounts of income and political power from the 99 to the 1 percent. Just check out the video above to get some of the details of this giveaway to Wall Street’s biggest banks, and to the biggest US corporations, and all at the expense of the 99 percent.

In other words, the president is rigging the game for Wall Street and against the 99 percent with this scam.

That sounds like the president is a tool of Wall Street. What do you think?

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