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In a new Associated Press Poll, 68 percent of Americans think taxes should be raised on the rich. According to the poll, most people think the middle class pays too much in federal taxes.

President Obama recently declared that the rich should pay more in taxes, as well. However, it should be pointed out that this was the furthest thing from the president’s mind when his Democrats had control of the House of Representatives and 59 votes in the US senate. It’s easy to propose something when it has no chance of succeeding under Republican domination of both houses of congress. In other words, the president is saying something that cannot occur in an attempt to rally the troops for the 2016 elections, especially since Democratic voters stayed home in the last election, in part because of the failure of the Democrats to want to help the middle class. Will the grassroots be fooled again in 2016? Maybe, but most likely not.

Check out more from the poll at the link below.

Findings from the Latest Associated Press Poll–Associated Press

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